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Online Training for Cottage Industry AGSMEIS Loan

Online Training for Cottage Industry AGSMEIS Loan. When you are involved in any form of family related investment, this is relevant. Therefore, is your family producing any form of product for sale? If yes, this is to inform you that there is an ongoing online training for it now, As a matter of fact, the training gives so much tips on cottage businesses in relation to AGSMEIS loan. Associated with it are issues about the loan application, training centres, online training and interview questions. Others include relevant business plan assumptions and financial model. In fact, this Online Training for Cottage Industry AGSMEIS Loan is a continuum.

Furthermore, included are detailed guide on how to access CBN NIRSAL Bank AGSMEIS  loan without collateral.  So, you are thought how to access CBN AGSMEIS Loan up to N10M at 9% interest. In fact, you will be equipped on how to Access Up to N10m for any Agribusiness, Small and Medium enterprise. But, do you know what cottage industry/business is all about?

What is a cottage industry/business?

To start with, this is any business or manufacturing activity carried on in people’s homes. It’s also defined as a small-scale, decentralized manufacturing business often operated at home rather than a purpose-built facility.  These types of businesses often focus on the production of labour-intensive goods. That is why they face a significant disadvantage when competing with factory-based manufacturers that mass-produce goods. This loan scheme will actually help out here.

In fact, these re usually small-scale industry carried on at home by family members using their own equipment.  It’s a small, loosely organized, yet flourishing complex of activity or industry.

What are the benefits of cottage industries?

 In fact, a major benefit of cottage industries is that people work from their homes. Women enjoy this a lot. This is because they can work from home while still tending to their families.

However, if you wish to have a comprehensive knowledge of what a cottage industry is, search for examples of cottage industry, types and advantages. You can also find out about cottage industry in Nigeria. This may include finding about their importance and characteristics. Then, find out how cottage industry work.

Business Funding Assumptions: Online Training for Cottage Industry AGSMEIS Loan

Here, you have to try to make good list of your equipment, indicating their size, quantity, model and price. Here is an illustrative breakdown of funding assumptions for such a home related business.

  1. Feeders for poultry       General   For feeding animals        20.00        400.00    N8,000.00
  2. POULTRY DRINKER  FEEDING BIRDS 15.00       600.00    N9,000.00       
  3. WEIGHING SCALE       TO WEIGH MEAT, FEEDS AND THE BIRDS 2.00 6500.00  N13,000.00
  4. BOWL    WASHING OF EQUIPMENTS      4.00 1200.00   N4,800.00       
  5. SHOVEL  FOR REMOVING WASTE     4.00 2000.00  N8,000.00     
  6.  BATTERY CAGE TO HOUSE BIRDS     2.00 120000.00 N240,000.00       
  8.  FREEZER INDUSTRIAL TO STORE MEAT (FROZEN) 1.00        500000.00 N500,000.00      
  9. VAN KIA SKU:0X2E615 FOR SUPPLIES OF PRODUCTS 1.00 3000000.00 N3,000,000.00 
  10. PARKER   TO REMOVE WASTE    4.00 300.00    N1,200.00      
  12. And, MEAT SLICERS TO SLICE THE MEATS      3.00 250000.00 N750,000.00 
  13. MEAT FLATNERS  TO FLATTEN THE MEATS FOR PACKAGING 1.00        250000.00 N250,000.00      
  14. FURNITURE AND FITTINGS FOR STRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT 1.00        220000.00 N220,000.00      

How we do help For Online Training for Cottage Industry AGSMEIS Loan

In fact, there are many things we do to help you. In this connection, we will organise your

  • Training
  • Application process
  • Generating business plan assumptions
  • Business plan development
  • Business incorporation
  • Generation of business ideas


The following are the Requirements necessary during application.

  •  Your full Bio-data
  • Registered business with CAC – where applicable
  • Your BVN
  •  Letter of Introduction
  • Training Certification by an EDI – Call for online training now.
  • Passport photo
  • Valid ID card
Online Training for Cottage Industry AGSMEIS Loan

How do you contact us for Online Training for Cottage Industry AGSMEIS Loan?

That is to say, what is your purpose for contacting us?

As a matter of fact, there’re lots of reasons for contacting us. In fact, as Chartered Accountants, and accredited management consultants, we handle your business start-up processes. And that include generating business ideas for you and registering your businesses at C.A.C.

In addition, we audit and produce your annual financial statements and make your tax returns. Just contact us immediately through +234 9053130518, 08121687036 or email to cessummit0518@gmail.com. Or completefmc@gmail.com

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