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About Us

About Us

About Us – SUSSUMMIT is an acronym for Complete Entrepreneurship Summit. In fact, it’s an outlet of Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited – An accounting firm. SESSUMMIT is designed to take care of recent entrepreneurship challenges in Nigeria. Therefore, it delivers cutting-edge consultancy and training to individuals and corporate organizations.  This article is about us.

Our modus operandi

As a matter of fact, our modus operandi is the summit model. This is to attract all relevant individuals, organizations, and government agencies. In fact, the summit cooperates with government agencies like SMADEN, BOI, NEPC, CBN, AFDB, NEXIM, and others to deliver our mandate to our esteemed entrepreneurs. 

In fact, this’s professionally designed to facilitate the creation of entrepreneurship ventures, aimed at strengthening economic empowerment through the development and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria. Please, read more of About Us.

 As a matter of fact, this is to facilitate the start-up and growth of enterprises or employment through skills and entrepreneurship capacity building. The end result is also to enable the linkage of trained entrepreneurs to financial institutions for start-up loans. On the other hand, it’s structured to train entrepreneurs on how to raise start-up capital or grow their existing capital.

 Objectives: About Us

Consequently, SESSUMMIT programs re-aimed at getting:

  • Existing and would-be entrepreneurs trained on entrepreneurship, that is, business sense.
  • Trainees learn how to train themselves by themselves. And encourage self-learning.
  • Furthermore, entrepreneurs learn how to generate and grow their capital
  • Trained entrepreneurs linked to financial institutions for start-up loans.
  • Entrepreneurs understand how to use technology skills to improve their business operations

Specific Objectives @ About Us :

Overall, these are aimed at assisting entrepreneurs –

  • Generate Business Idea
  • Incorporate their business
  • Manage their tax commitments
  • Facilitate contract-winning processes/documentation
  • Develop or interpret own Business Plan
  • Improve on an existing Business
  • In-plant an efficient business internal control system

In these connection, we work with individuals and corporate bodies to sharpen their creative and top performance intelligences to drive impactful and lasting measurable outcomes. Therefore, we offer management, leadership and strategic planning services to our clients who are individuals, public and private organisations/institutions.

Our Goal is About Us :

  • This project aims to directly reach up to 1,000 entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and even students, both men and women within a short period. In fact, with this we are expecting to create at least 1,000 direct jobs shortly.
  • Furthermore, programs re always advertised in this website. Click here for recent or on-going programmes.
  • In addition, contact us through +234 9053130518 or +234 8034347851 or email us at cessummit0518@gmail.com, or cfmcbusinesscentre@gmail.com
  • Or Click here for more immediate information.  For detailed post on business ideas, C.A.C documentations, business plans etc. click here.

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The Authors Profile: About Us

Nworgu Anekperechi is a seasoned professional with a background in Economics and extensive experience in the field of finance and taxation. Holding a degree in Economics, Nworgu went on to attain prestigious certifications, becoming a certified member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. These certifications reflect a high level of expertise and dedication in the financial and taxation sectors.

Nworgu’s career spanned over 38 years, with the majority of those years being dedicated to service at Industrial Consultants International Nig. Ltd. This company specializes in providing consulting services in the industrial sector generally.

My role within the company involved a deep understanding of financial management, tax regulations, and strategic decision-making to ensure the financial well-being of the company and its clients. Having retired from Industrial Consultants International Nig. Ltd. in 2015, I saw a positive impact on the organization’s financial and taxation matters due to our extensive knowledge and experience. The combination of our academic background, professional certifications, and decades of hands-on experience underscores our valuable contributions to the field of economics, finance, and taxation in Nigeria.

After retiring from Industrial Consultants International Ltd. in 2015, I utilized our extensive knowledge and experience in economics, finance, and taxation to establish a new venture called Cessummit Integrated Services. This initiative was born out of a desire to contribute further to the business landscape by focusing on business development and providing comprehensive support services to entrepreneurs.

Cessummit, short for “Complete Entrepreneurship Empowerment Summit,” reflects Nworgu’s commitment to empowering and equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in the competitive business world. The integration of business development and support services suggests that Cessummit aims to provide a holistic approach to nurturing and growing businesses, covering various aspects ranging from strategic planning to operational efficiency. This is About Us

Given my background in economics, finance, and taxation, it’s evidence that Cessummit Integrated Services offers valuable insights into financial management, taxation strategies, and other essential aspects of running a successful business. This expertise can greatly benefit aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who are looking to navigate the complexities of the business landscape more effectively.

Know more About Us – By establishing Cessummit Integrated Services, Nworgu Anekperechi demonstrates our commitment to continued engagement in the business community, sharing our knowledge, and contributing to the growth of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. The venture’s focus on empowerment and comprehensive support services suggests a dedication to fostering sustainable business growth and development. Thanks for reading through About Us.

Please, accept our warmest regards from, Deacon Anekperechi Nworgu (ACA, ACIT), Managing Partner.