CES Categories

Filing Necessary Notices for Liquidation-Merger & Acquisition @ C.A.C. Nigeria
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These are the categories of Complete Entrepreneurship Summit (CESSUMMIT) activities used to drive the aims and objectives of CESSUMMIT.  As a matter of fact, we have CES Categories here. These categories include:










Business Plan:










This category highlights all the business plan programmes ad services carried out and to be carried out by CESSUMMIT for her clients nd trainees in ur empowerment summits. As a matter of fact, there is room for the business class to order their business plans here.




















On the other hand, this particular category is a platform for our empowerment mentorship programmes. In fact, Articles posted here re aimed at educating start-up and would-be entrepreneurs. Areas of business idea generation and approaches for successful business activities re covered here. In fact, more importantly, principles and approaches to avoid business failure is taken care of here.










Furthermore, are every aspect of business development programmes.  Our mentorship and coaching programmes come under this platform.










CES Categories For CES Programs:










Furthermore, this platform takes care of CESSUMMIT programs. This is where all of ur programmes re highlighted and announced. Therefore, it serves as the archive of the organisation, in that both old and new programmes must b found here.










Biz Support:










Thi’s a platform dedicated to existing businesses. Therefore, every business support programmes re highlighted here. Such programmes as Business plan, Feasibility analysis, annual returns for C.A.C. and FIRS & SIRS for Tax  clearance certificate purposes.




















In addition, this is a major aspect of both our business support and development services. This is where we take care of new business registrations and regular updates of information for existing ones.










YOUR NEEDS For CES Categories:










In conclusion, don’t forget what you need to start or grow your business. That’s why we are here for you. Contact us on +234 8121687036 or +234 9053130518 during working hours only, or cessummit0518@gmail.com.










Finally, thank you for looking us out. We don’t fail. We are professionals of several years of industrial experience. In fact, we have the grace to bear you up. We have a target of raising and encouraging high number of entrepreneurs annually. We wish you are one of them.