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Agricultural value chain businesses are essential businesses in today’s Nigeria. This is an economic sector that provides employment and income generation for many citizens. In fact, it’s this sector that earn foreign exchange for many nations and causes them to have positive balance of trade. In today’s Nigeria emphasis is being shifted from the oil sector to non-oil sector, the extractive industry in particular. As a matter of fact, the agricultural sector is paramount in this shift. Apply for AGSMEIS Loan for Agricultural Value Chain Businesses online training here.

Furthermore, Small and Medium Enterprise Scheme, AGSMEIS Loan is specially designed to assist farmers and all associated businesses. These include those on the demand side and supply side of agricultural produce and products. Therefore, are you are farmer? Are your businesses associated with agriculture? Do you need fund to establish one or expand? This scheme is for you.

Relevant Questions:

As a matter of fact, included in this write-up are issues bothering on; how can I get the agricultural loan? How do I apply for it and what are the requirements? What are Agric-value chain businesses? And, now, what re the businesses under agricultural value chain covered? What is value chain in agriculture? And, what businesses re considered agricultural?

Then, get this:

The agricultural value chain is said to include people and activities that produce basic agricultural products.  The products include maize or vegetables or cotton. These re all that’s involved from obtaining inputs and production in the field to the consumer. They likely go through stages such as processing, packaging, and distribution.

Therefore, the value chain is a set of linked activities that work to add value to agricultural products.  Indeed, it consists of actors and actions that improve a product while linking commodity producers to processors and markets.


we re told that value chains work best when their actors cooperate to produce higher-quality products and generate more income for all participants along the chain.

However, it’s said that value chains differ from supply chains, which refer to logistics operations. These are the transport, storage and procedural steps for getting a product from its production site to the consumer.

At any rate, the broad definition that include the supply chains is our take here. Therefore, for us a value chain encompasses the flow of products, knowledge and information, finance, payments, and the social capital needed to organize producers and communities. This is because value chains may include a wide range of activities.


As a matter of fact, an agricultural value chain might include:

  • development and dissemination of plant and animal genetic material,
  • input supply,
  • farmer organization,
  • farm production,
  • post-harvest handling and processing,
  • provision of technologies of production and handling,
  • grading criteria and facilities,
  • cooling and packing technologies,
  • post-harvest local processing,
  • industrial processing,
  • storage, transport, finance, and feedback from markets.

This is just to give you the highlight of what agricultural value chain entails. Now, you know that your businesses is included in the AGSMEIS loan scheme.

The coverage of Small and Medium Enterprise Scheme, AGSMEIS Loan:

In general, the activities covered by the Central Bank of Nigeria NIRSAL micro finance bank Agric, Small and Medium Enterprise Scheme, AGSMEIS Loan includes;

  •  Businesses across the agricultural value chain covering inputs supply, production, storage, processing, logistics and marketing. 
  • And those others in the MSME segment in the real sector including manufacturing, mining and petrochemicals.
  • While the MSMEs in the service sector include information and communication technology (ICT)  and the creative industry.  Yet, there re other activities that may be determined by the Bankers’ Committee from time to time.

The Objective of the Scheme:

In fact, the objectives of the Agric, Small and Medium Enterprise Scheme (AGSMEIS) include to;

  • Ensure Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have access to finance
  • Generate much-needed employment opportunities in Nigeria
  • Therefrom, income generation.
  • Develop agricultural value chain and ensure sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Boost the managerial capacity of Agri-Business/SMEs as pipelines of growing enterprises that can become huge corporate organizations.

How to Access the Loan:

As a matter of fact, to access AGSMEIS loan, there are some conditions you must meet. These include that;

  • You’ve to be trained by Entrepreneur Development Institute (EDI) Contact us for your online training
  • And that you apply for the loan via an EDI
  • The EDI to process the loan application for you
  • You’ll be called for interview regarding your business plan.

Those qualified’ll be contacted and given the loan.


These conditions are there for you to comply.

  • Maximum loan is 10million;
  • Interest rate is 9% per annum;
  • Tenor is 7 years and
  • Moratorium is 18 months.


The following are the Requirements necessary during application.

  • Your full Bio-data 
  • Registered business with CAC – where applicable
  • Your BVN
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Training Certification by an EDI – Call for online training now.
  • Passport photo
  • Valid ID card

The letter of Introduction will come from any of the following;

  •     Your Pastor
  • Chief Imam
  • LGA Chairman
  • CDA Chairman
  • Village Head
  • Senior Civil Servants Level 14 above
  • MD of Blue Chip Companies

The Loan Process:

  • Personal decision – determine what you want
  • Training – both on-line and physical training are available – just contact us immediately.
  • Application – part of our support services
  • Business Plan – We will provide this for you
  • Your Financial Model – a task that we must perform for you

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As Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) our services for this include;

  •   Proving Training facilities
  • Profiling Candidates online
  • Registering candidates businesses at CAC where applicable
  • Help generate business ideas for business plan
  • Therefrom, developing a suitable business plan assumptions
  • And, then build your business plan for whatever project and program
  • Very important; developing the financial analysis, including the feasibility and breakeven analysis.
  • Getting Candidates ready for the loan interview at the Microfinance bank.

Furthermore, we wish to inform you that CESSUMIT runs a Complete Entrepreneurship Seminar to help individual entrepreneurs and organizations learn how to:

  • Avoid business failure
  • Generate business ideas,
  • Document start-up processes and incorporation,
  • Set up good internal control system – cost analysis procedures etc.
  • Write and implement Business Plans.


In fact, as Chartered Accountants, and accredited management consultants, we register your businesses at CAC. In addition, we audit and produce your annual financial statements and make your tax returns. Just contact us immediately through +234 9053130518, 08121687036 or email cessummit0518@gmail.com. Or completefmc@gmail.com

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