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Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria Here are best Places for lucrative business in Nigeria: So, if your question is, where is the best place for business in Nigeria, here they are. They are also the best cities to do business in Nigeria. On this site are Business Information at your Fingertips. That’s part of what Cesummit.com Business Support provide for Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria.

Furthermore, get to know why the need for such cities for business. Know also the Types of business for each location. There are also certain factors that affect such business location and localization in Nigeria. They are all explored in this post. Then are the related topics which you must visit for broader knowledge on this subject matter. Therefrom we have for you list of business support services you must use while locating your business in these locations and cities. So, why do you need the best cities for business?

Why Best Cities for business?

As a matter of fact, if you are asking for the best cities to do business in Nigeria, we have them here. So, think for business Marketing Research for Start-ups and for Modern Entrepreneurship Empowerment strategies in this post. These are some of cessummit business support programs for Empowering Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Empowering Entrepreneurs in Nigeria in this context we would recommend Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano. So, a good business idea in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Aba, Ibadan, Kaduna flourishes well. The next challenge is a good location.

Cessummit.com ensures you get Business Information at your Fingertips. On the other hand, you can contact us to work for your business ideas. Our mentorship programs and business development department will help you get this done at minimal cost.

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Business Information at your Fingertips:

The next paragraphs give you business information at your fingertips. They are relevant questions that engender business location decisions. The following are top lucrative business ideas for Nigerians in Nigeria. Then are factors affecting business locations and the recommended profitable business locations in Nigeria. Now, calm down and read on.

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Relevant questions for this post:

These questions are good for you to make decisions on the location or localization of your business in Nigeria. In them are also some highlighted articles you can read.

Top Lucrative business ideas for Nigerians in Nigeria:

For this subtopic, points to consider are:

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  • Top profitable business in Nigeria for 2023/2024
  • Lucrative daily income business in Nigeria
  • Top ten most lucrative business in Nigeria
  • Categories of lucrative business in Nigeria
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  • what business can I start with 5k in Nigeria
  • what business can I start with N150k, N300k or N500k in Nigeria

Businesses to consider for Modern Entrepreneurship Empowerment include:

Best Places for lucrative business in Nigeria – Nigeria a big global market.

With Nigerian population at over 200 million, we are looking at the most populous African country. We are also looking at the seventh most populated country in the world. In fact, these make Nigeria a most valuable site for businesses both domestically and internationally. We make proud to say that there is no Nigerian state that does not boast of a business hub. Yet, there are some states that boast of locations with more businesses thriving location than others.

But, before we get into such locations, we wish to highlight general economic factors for locating or locolizing buinesses in Nigeria. Just read on.

Factors affecting location of businesses in Nigeria:

Proximity to a Landmark
Business location near a notable landmark does better. This is good for locating a new business as well as extending an old one. In some cases businesses that supply complementary services to the existing landmark will do better. This may provide you with complementary customers.

Safety and Security
The location under consideration must be a secure rea. This location should have a low theft rate. This is because you have to avoid losses of commodities, money, and, most sadly, one’s life. That is why we advise that the site you want to go to is well-protected.

Furthermore, is that your business location should be easily accessible. So, watch for availability of good or minimally substandard roads that allow cars and other vehicular thoroughfare. Consider also cost of transportation and nearness to source of your business supplies.

Population is key for businesses. In fact, population is the market. So no matter your type of business, goods or services, your business center should be in a populated location. This is to boost your chances of making a significant number of sales per day. My people will ask “do legs come across your business location” This is why Lagos has a lot of business centers and industries. In fact, Lagos’s large population contributes to the city’s high degree of industrialization.

Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria:

Furthermore, because we promote economic growth and development in Nigeria through our business information and entrepreneurial mentorship programs, we bring you the following section which will enable you make economic growth and development decisions. Just read on.

Lucrative business locations in Nigeria:

And now, top answers for lucrative business location in Nigeria are listed here below:
Considering factors for location and localization of businesses in Nigeria discussed above, here are the places, cities and locations where good businesses will thrive in Nigeria.

Lagos State

Lagos serves as Nigeria’s commercial center. This is because it’s a premier business destination for all kinds of business. Lagos, in fact, is Nigeria’s primary industrial and commercial hub. This is why Lagos is the center of commerce. In addition,
Lago is endowed with certain natural resources that ha help it to achieve this. There are oil, coal, natural gas, water, and fuelwood. As a matter of fact, these have greatly enhanced it’s commercial relevance.

Furthermore, Lagos road-network is also superb. In fact, tourists visiting Lagos will enjoy the markets. Again, this location is home to a number of tourist attraction centers. As Nigeria’s major metropolis, it plays host to a large number of travelers every year. Do you wonder why Lagos is a well sought-after city in Nigeria?

Of the cities in Lagos for lucrative business, the following is important. Ikoyi, Yaba. Ikeja. Lekki – Ajah. Mushin, Ipaja, Ketu, Isolo, Ojota.

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Rivers State:

Rivers state in in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. And serves as the economic hub of Nigeria’s south-east region. It’s also the most populous state in the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The state capital of Rivers state is Port Harcourt. This city hosts a lot of prosperous enterprises. In fact, businesses survive in Port Harcourt.

Furthermore, Port-Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, is the major business hub of the state. In fact, Port-Harcourt is the largest city in the state. Since the discovery of crude oil in this part of the country, the economic life of the state has significantly lead into the modernization and infrastructural development of this metropolis. As you may know, Port Harcourts hosts Nigeria’s biggest oil-refinery.

Other cities for business in Rivers State Nigeria include – Port Harcourt, Okrika, Obio-Akpor, Ikwerre, Oyigbo, Ogu–Bolo, Etche and Eleme. Then, Port-Harcourt Towns And Villages include Azuabie Town. Abuloma. Amadi Ama. Borokiri. Bundu Ama. D-line. Diobu. Eagle Island.

Kano State:

This is an ancient city of Northern Nigeria. It’s referred to as Northern Nigeria’s commercial capital. It’s one of Nigeria’s big cities. It boast of big numbers of profitable business entrepreneurs. It is, without a doubt, the best city in Northern Nigeria for doing business. In Kano metropolitan area are business towns like , Dala, Tarauni, Fagge, Nasarawa, Gwale, Ungogo and Kumbotso, and Rimi.

Furthermore, Kano has a plethora of manufacturing and agro-based businesses. This has contributed to Nigeria’s strong job opportunities. In addition, Kano’s has a growing population caused by urbanization. Kano is also well-known as a tourist attraction centre. With Aminu Kano International Airport, it serves as Nigeria’s main trading center for many years.

Anambra State (Onitsha):

Additionally, is Anambra State, boasting of Onitsha. In fact, Onitsha is a well-known town for its bustling market. As a matter of fact, Onitsha is a commercial city located in Anambra state. This has made it one of the most prominent Nigerian cities in the South-East region. Other towns to consider for business include – Nnewi, Awka, Oba, Idemili, Nkpo, Otuocha, Abagana, Oyi, Nibo, Obosi, Ufuma, Nsugbe.

Generally, lucrative business include industrial parts, motor parts, building materials and petroleum products. Others a fabrics, food stuff like stock fish etc. All of these promote trading and cortege businesses in the state. As a matter of fact, the city is also blessed with various mineral resources.

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Abuja – FCT:

We all know that Abuja is Nigeria’s new federal capital city. Do you also know that Abuja has turned out to be a sophisticated metropolis with many amenities and facilities? And these are good for business activities. Abuja has turned out to be the most deliberately designed and constructed of all the Nigerian cities. Residents and tourists alike are drawn to markets and retail complexes.

As a matter of fact, Abuja offers a plethora of nightclubs and eateries. All of these have direct appeal to both tourists and residents. You can now see why Abuja in the recent time is a city with high rate of new business start-ups.

For lucrative business locations thing about Asokoro, Jabi. Wuse, Grki, Maitama, Gwarinpa, Lokogoma. Gwagwalada, Kubwa, Nyanya, Mararaba (though in Nasarawa state), Jahi, Apo and Life Camp.

Oyo State (Ibadan):

Do you know that Ibadan is the state capital of Oyo state? Do you also know that this city is very densely populated city. In fact, its population density makes it to have a significant impact on the region’s economic development.

Ibadan is close to Lagos. That is one of the reasons why it’s a target market for variety of businesses in Nigeria. In Oyo State are other towns for good businesses. Thee include – Ogbomoso, Iseyin, Saki, Igboho, Lalupon, Kisi, Okeho, Fiditi, Ilora, Eruwa, Igbo-ora,

Delta State (Warri):

Now, do you know that Warri is Delta State’s commercial hub. Why is this so? First is that it’s one of the Delta state’s most populous cities. Secondly, it’s a major oil hub in the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. That is why it’s a prominent center for petroleum business and other enterprises in the country’s south-south geopolitical zone. It’s considered a contemporary metropolis with significant infrastructural developments. In fact, Warri is home to a number of prominent foreign and local businesses.

However, in Delta State are these other cities for good businesses. These include Igbuzo, Ozoro, Illah, Osubi, Aboh, Asaba, Obiaruku, Sapele, and Otor-Udu.

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Cross-River State:

Calabar is in fact the Cross-River State capital. This location is noted for its high profitability for new business ventures. This is because there are other economic factors that favour start up in this location. In fact, the state shares borders with Cameroon through Ikom town. This is one of the factors we mentioned above, So, this alone contributes to its excellent business yields. Agro products traded here include Cassava, Palm fruits and palm oil, bananas, and fish.

Do you also know that Calabar is located on the banks of Calabar River? Do you know what this men to business? That is how and why this town grew into crossroads for white traders on the coast and indigenous peoples in the interior. As a matter of fact, Calabar has a bustling bazaar for local goods. So, local produce from all around the region can be found here. For travelers this location is a handy location because it is located in the far southeast of Nigeria and serves as the final major halt on the road to Cameroon. Do you now know why this location increases the city’s business client base?

In Cross River State are other good locations for business. So, think about Akamkpa. Akpabuyo. Bakassi Biase.Ikom. Obanliku. Obubra and Obudu.

Ogun State:

It is important to note that Ogun state shares boarder with Lagos state. And, in fact, very close to Lagos town. So, this state experiences excellent business yields and more clients as a result of this. In fact, Ogun state has a significant population of industries. So, you see that proximity to Lagos promotes investors’ interest in this state.

Ogun state boats of other business locations. These include – Ilaro, Ota, Ijebu Ode, Sagamu, Abeokuta, Odogbolu, Ikenne, Ipokia, Odeda, Ifo, Ijebu Igbo.

Kaduna State:

Do you know that the city of Kaduna is a major ancient trading center. It’s also a transportation hub for the surrounding rural towns. In fact the state’s rail and road junction promotes good business. So, Kaduna town is widely considered as Northern Nigeria’s and the Middle Belt’s industrial hub.

Furthermore, Kaduna Cities and Towns suitable for lucrative business include Kachia. Kafanchan. Kagoro.Zaria and Zonkwa.

Proximity to Abuja for business location:

The following states share boundary with Abuja and that makes them a good business location. For instance Mararaba and Suleja which are towns in Nasarawa and Niger state states respectively are enjoying great business activities due to the fact that they are sharing boundary with Abuja. You Need to know that most people working in Abuja live in these two locations.

Nasarawa State:

We had hinted above that Mararaba is a town in Nasarawa state that is very close to FCT Abuja. In addition, our research shows that Nasarawa is a market centre for the yams, sorghum, millet, soybeans, shea nuts, and cotton. In fact, all of these are grown in the state.

Kogi State:

Lokoja the state capital of Kogi state is on the way of Abuja – Onitsha – Lagos and Kaduna and Kano. Can you imagine such a terrain. In fact, Kogi state holds a record as the state that has the most boundaries in Nigeria. This is because it shares boundaries with a total of ten other states in the country.

Furthermore, the state is home to the largest iron and steel industry in Nigeria. The Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited. It also hosts one of the largest cement factories in Africa – Obajana Cement Factory.

Empowering Entrepreneurs:

Cesummit Business development and Support services empowers entrepreneurs in Nigeria. This is our goal and we are steadily achieving it. In our service deliveries we float a lot of Modern Entrepreneurship Empowerment strategies aimed at empowering entrepreneurs in Nigeria. In the next paragraph are the business development and support services needed by your business. Do well to read through contacting us for their actualization.

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Best Places for lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Business Development services needed:

Furthermore, driving all of these factors home is that you need to locate your business at a lucrative business location with profitable business attributes. But for this to happen, especially for start-up, please, you need the following from us;

  • C.A.C.incorporation documentations
  • Complete comprehenive busness plan
  • SCUML for your banking purposes
  • Your business TIN printout.
  • Your initial Tax Clearance certificate
  • Business plan financial analysis
  • Business plan executive summary
  • Generation of business ideas
  • Business plan template for specific facilities

Business Support Services Needed:

  • A scaling up business plan
  • A business financial analysis
  • Business expansion ideas
  • Contract bidding compliance cetificates – PENCOM, ITF, NSITF, BPP IRRR, TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE
  • Fund for business expansion

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