What do you know about medium Scale business in Nigeria?

What do you know about medium Scale business in Nigeria? In this article we define what is medium scale business in Nigeria. We also give examples and types of medium scale business. There will also be an x-ray of their characteristic, features and objectives in Nigeria

Therefore, we proffer a definition for medium scale enterprise in this article in answering what is medium scale enterprise. Here are also the characteristics and types of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria.

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Furthermore, the attribute used most often to define size of business is the number of employees it can cater for. So, in Nigeria, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are generally referred to as enterprises with up to 250 employees. In actual fact, Micro Enterprises engage between 1 and 9 employees, while Small Enterprises engage between 10 and 49 employees. Then the Medium scale Enterprises engages labor force of between 50 and 249.

Features, Characteristics and Objectives:

As hinted above, the common attribute used to define size of business is the number of employees. So, it’s said that small businesses are those organizations with fewer than 100 employees. On the other hand, the medium scale or midsize enterprises are those organizations with 100 to 999 employees. Therefore, large scale businesses are those with workforce over 999.

Another features is the revenue base. So, Gartner’s guidelines, described medium-sized businesses as those between $50 million and $1 billion in revenue.

Another common thing about medium scale companies is that they may be family-owned and managed businesses. However, by virtue of their size, they may also be complex entities where ownership is separated from management.

Furthermore, is that their major objectives is to attract investment to uplift the industrial and social economy of the country. They therefore, modernize to strengthen the industrial units of the State to make them globally competent. So, they endeavor to create a conducive industrial atmosphere for the industries which enables them to compete at national/ international levels. Get a corporate consultant now for your corporate documentation to legalize your business forthwith. Contact us.

What do you know about medium Scale business in Nigeria?

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What do you know about medium Scale business in Nigeria?

Medium Scale businesses in Nigeria:

We have listed below some of the top hot and lucrative medium scale manufacturing business ideas you can invest in Nigeria.

  • Textile printing factory
  • Manufacture of energy drink
  • Cooking Gas Tank farm
  • Garment manufacturing unit
  • Automobile Assembly plant
  • Automobile parts manufacturing
  • Fertilizers manufacturing factory
  • Water filters manufacturing
  • Mineral water plant
  • Manufacturing of carpets
  • Bio-fuel production
  • Manufacturing of kitchen utensils and cutleries
  • Coconut oil manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of concrete blocks and tiles
  • Pharmaceutical factory
  • Dal mill
  • Manufacturing of Organic detergents,
  • Body cream manufacturing factory
  • Manufacturing of small farming equipment.
  • Handmade paper making
  • Grape-wine making
  • Exercise book manufacturing

Further business ideas:

  • Cashew processing plant
  • Crates and carton manufacturing
  • Bread production
  • Manufacture of natural beauty products
  • Manufacturing of fitness equipment
  • Groundnut Oil processing plant
  • Palm oil processing plant
  • Aluminum door and window manufacturing.
  • Ceramic glazed tiles production.
  • Paper bags making factory.
  • Furniture factory
  • LED Light manufacturing
  • Leather product manufacturing factory
  • Talcum Powder production factory

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What do you know  about  medium Scale business in Nigeria?

What do you know about medium Scale business in Nigeria?

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