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What are the examples of Nigerian made goods?

What are the examples of Nigerian made goods?

What are the examples of Nigerian made goods? This is the same as asking; what goods re made in Nigeria? Or goods that Nigeria is known for. In other words, what does Nigeria produce the most? The solutions to these questions are here. So, read more about What are the examples of Nigerian made goods?

The Nigeria Entrepreneur:

If you are a Nigerian entrepreneur or a potential entrepreneur, examples of Nigerian-made goods should be important to you. This is because it’s another way of generating business ideas for you. Therefore, under this are list of business ideas for you.


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What are the examples of Nigerian made goods?

Some Nigerian-made goods:

These are under factory productions such as we have in Aba in Abia State, Kano in Kano state and Lagos towns.

  • Textile
  • furniture
  • Shoes
  • leather
  • Bags
  • Furniture

Arts & culture:

These make good export business in the recent time. They ar Nigerian cultural wears which can be exported. Good business to start.

  • Beads and accessories
  • Culturally designed wears/fabrics
  • Artistic wears
  • ethnic wears like Igbo, Efik, Yoruba, Hausa, Benin cultural wears
  • African cultural wear like Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso cultural dresses
  • Traditional wear – For example latest traditional or cultural wears for Ladies
  • General traditional African clothing

Agricultural goods:

As a matter of fact, these re products which can be processed, packaged, and exported. They also make good business locally. You can tap into one these business ideas today. So, check out; What are the examples of Nigerian made goods?

  • Kolanut
  • Groundnut
  • Groundnut oil
  • Cassava flakes (Gari)
  • Ginger
  • Gallic,
  • Palm oil
  • Beans flour:
  • Sesame seed:
  • Snails
  • Honey
  • Plantain Flour:
  • Shea butter:
  • Pounded yam flour:
  • Cashew nuts
  • Cocoa beans:

Importance of valuing Nigerian goods:

Furthermore, the following are some reasons why we should value Nigerian made goods:

  • Foreign exchange earning
  • Creates jobs
  • Income generation
  • National pride
  • Better life
  • Improve our standard of living
  • Enjoyment
  • National growth and development
  • Encourage hardworking
  • Encourages entrepreneurship
What are the examples of Nigerian made goods?

What are the examples of Nigerian made goods?

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