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Rice Plantation: This is the business plan template for Zamfara communities.

Rice Plantation: This is the business plan template for Zamfara communities.

Rice Plantation: This is the business plan template for Zamfara communities. – As a matter of fact, virtually every community in Zamfara State produces rice. But what is required now is the organized rice production. And this can be done in community’s levels or at state government level. If you are a community leader or state government official, you need this for your community and your state respectively.

Every time we think about improving the well-being of our communities, for Zamfara State I Nigeria, this is a great opportunity. We present you an opportunity for organizing your communities in groups of cooperative societies, clubs, youth, women and men organizations to be able to do this.

Do you need grants for this?

This is a forum that promotes mass production. It’s a forum that attracts investors, donors and government assistance and grants. Do you need these kind of grants and investment in your community efforts? Then, you need this business plan.

The Business Plan for Rice Plantation: This is the business plan template for Zamfara communities.

This business plan is structured specifically for your state and communities. The features therefore are tailored to suit your environment. Order a copy today.

The Business Plan Components:

  1. The Executive Summary
  2. Zamfara State Profile
  3. Farming Community Profile
  4. The Rice Farming Profile
  5. The Existing Alternatives and Comparative Advantages.
  6. Farming Process: Farming Methods and Mechanisms.
  7. Marketing Strategies
  8. Financial Plan and Analysis

Highlights of Rice Plantation:

This is a brief highlight of the rice plantation. The full coverage is in the business plan.  I would like you to order your copy now. Or drop you mail or comment for further information.

Irrigated and rain-fed rice plantation:

Rice, scientific name Oryza Sativa, belongs to the grass family. This is because it could develop widely mainly in regions with large rainy periods. Therefore, the ideal is to cultivate it in areas close to rivers, lakes and ponds, as well as in regions with high rainfall.

On the other hand, even in regions with high rainfall, periods of drought can occur. Thus, mechanical irrigation as well as manual irrigation should be used to supply the needs of the soil.

Irrigated rice:

The irrigated rice planting system is found in more than 70% of the crops Zanfara State and communities around it.  This common here because cultivation is mainly carried out at a period that stretches into the dry season.

Generally, during the months of November, December and January, rice planting requires an enormous amount of water. Consequently, the cultivated areas are flooded with water from dams, as well as removed with a water pump from rivers.

In the culture of irrigated rice, not only the plant, but also the soil, in a large part of its cycle are covered by a water layer.

At the same time, for production to be efficient, the soil must be rich in nutrients. In addition, it is of utmost importance that the terrain is flat, as in steep areas, both productivity and harvest can be harmed.

Rice Plantation: This is the business plan template for Zamfara communities.

Upland rice:

With regard to the upland rice planting system, also known as “upland rice”, found in more than 20% of crops, it is grown in regions with low rainfall, particularly in the north of the country.

At first, due to its low investment, in addition to tolerating greater soil acidity, the system was used to recover degraded areas, as well as crop rotation, especially soybean.

Do you need this business plan? Rice Plantation business plan template for Zamfara communities.

I can say YES for you. This is because, I know you need it for you community. This plan will enable you organize your community in a manageable sizes. In this case, you can group them into men’s group or women group. In fact, youth group, cooperative societies and clubs can benefit from this. As a matter of fact, individuals can also use this business plan.

Many communities and states are going this way now. This is because, it promotes rice production and enhances the people’s well-being. So, get your copy by contacting us immediately.

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Rice Plantation: This is the business plan template for Zamfara communities.


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