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This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan. We hereby propagate a community palm oil plantation projects for Rivers State communities. This is one that will harness the benefits of the existing family farming system. So, are you thinking of your community development? Then, this project will help you achieve that. Are you thinking of how to better the lots of your community members by generating employment and steady income for them? Well. Try to key into this our dream to achieve it.

What we offer you here is a well-designed and comprehensive business plan that will help you achieve your dreams. In fact, there is no need of dreaming, just call us now to staff off immediately. Our business plan model for this particular project will be a comprehensive road map for the projects actualization.

Existing Plantations for This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

As a matter of fact, there may be an existing or aging palm plantations in your community. That’s ok. But then, if the existing palm plantation was done haphazardly, this is your opportunity to reorganize it. If what you have is an aging plantation, look, get this plan to organize your future income streams from your palm plantation.

Who benefits here?

As a matter of fact, you, the investor, planner and community member will be the first to benefit from this project.  Do you know that achieving ones dream is a great benefit? That’s what we want to aid you achieve now. The various communities and their inhabitants will certainly benefit from this project. The local government councils and the state government will also benefit.

Introduction – This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

Plantation requires a lot of work to have good yields.  According to our  research work, the production of some families that have planted palm oil since 2002 on 10 hectares reaches just 200 tons per year.  This has a great impact on food security.

In fact, the expectation of big profits attracted many farmers who ended up stopping growing other food. This is because the local population basically lived on the extraction and cultivation of cassava, but these areas started to be negotiated for the planting of oil palm. In addition, the time allocated for food production also goes to oil palm, putting in check the food security for these families.

Furthermore, where community palm plantation has been adopted, the program has brought important economic developments to the communities in which it is present. The industry has been making agricultural and industrial investments, generating jobs and development in the states and regions where it operates.

Government Involvement – This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

There is no gaining saying that government will be involved in this projects.  This is because community projects can be sponsored or anchored on government existing programs. The local government councils and state government can initiate or sponsor such projects like this.

 If you have such government to assist your community that will be ok. On the other hand communities can come up with this project. Our office will help too.

The business plan:

Every business plan is a scenario analysis. That is what we present to you – a custom made business plan that take care of who you are, environment, capacity and affordability. We give our clients opportunity to make inputs into their business plans. We do this to educate you so that it will be easy for you to implement the plan.

So, every planning assumptions and forecast are collectively derived by us and our clients. In fact, this our plan help us to avoid unnecessary amendments or reversions after developing the final cop of the business plan. Our business plan are in segments with relevant contents. Check the following.

Components of the Business Plan:

This will include;

  • Executive summary
  • Land availability, ownership and acquisition
  • Management structure
  • Business Model and value propositions
  • Product and Services
  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial Plan and Financial Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Economic Appraisals, and
  • Conclusions

Segments and contents:

Generally, the above content will be classified into,

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Structure
  • Market and Marketing
  • Production Processes
  • Financials
  • Presentations
  • And conclusions

Rivers State LGSs for This Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

Furthermore, Rivers state has 23 local area government areas. That’s is what we mean. Imagine where each LGA has this project. The LGA are;

  • Abua–Odual
  • Ahoada East
  • Ahoada West
  • Akuku-Toru
  • Andoni
  • Asari-Toru
  • Bonny, Rivers
  • Degema, Rivers
  • Eleme, Rivers
  • Emohua
  • Etche
  • Gokana, Rivers
This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

Others include;

  • Ikwerre, Rivers
  • Khana, Rivers
  • Obio-Akpor
  • Ogba–Egbema–Ndoni
  • Ogu–Bolo
  • Okrika
  • Omuma
  • Opobo–Nkoro
  • Oyigbo
  • Port Harcourt (local government area)
  • Tai, Rivers

As a matter of fact, our idea is an economic revolutionary. Imagine 23 palm plantations, each for a local government. Imagine a state where each local government has three of this in 3 communities. That is why we think of it as an economic revolutionary. We can offer you the business plan for each plantation.

How to get the business plan:

This is simple. Just call +234 8034347851  or 09053130518 or cessummit0518@gmail.com. Every business plan is custom made. You can opt for a particular design.

This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

As a matter of fact, to set up a business whether by individual or communities, such businesses must be planned, registered at CAC and would need certain business support services. In fact, these are addressed by the following paragraphs. So, you can click them for more enlightenment.

This is Rivers State Communities Palm Oil Plantation Business Plan

Business Planning:

C.A.C Incorporation Services:

Business Support Services:

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