Why Not a Free Copy of Abia State Palm Plantation Business Plan

Why Not a Free Copy of Abia State Palm Plantation Business Plan? This is free Oil Palm Plantation Business Plan for Abia State Communities. The question is, what are the communities in Abia state waiting for to start their community palm plantations? Are there no community land for you to use?  This post is to introduce Abia communities to this project prospect.  This is because the economic life of the communities can improve in the next 5 years with this project. Can we work together for this – our community Oil Palm Business Plan for plantation or for oil processing will give you all you need for this business to take off and grow.

Get the Business Plan:

Our palm oil plantation/processing business plan contains detailed information on modern palm seedlings, planting, harvesting and processing technics. There is also an elaborate analysis on palm oil productions, usage and economic benefits.  Then, are the financial plan and financial analysis. The risk and risk mitigation analysis will encompass the challenges in oil palm plantation business generally and in Nigeria, Abia state in particular.

Components of the Business Plan:

This will include;

  • Land availability, ownership and acquisition
  • Executive summary
  • Management structure
  • Business Model
  • Product and Services
  • Marketing strategies
  • Financial Plan and
  • Financial Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Economic Appraisals, and
  • Conclusions

After Service Support;

In fact, we are ready to give our after service support to ensure your project survives and grow.  Therefore, this business plan will take off as stipulated by you. All the community members can be involved. Or few members could engineer it for other to key up. It’s also possible that your Local or state governments be involved.

Why Not a Free Copy of Abia State Palm Plantation Business Plan

Government Involvement:

Community projects can be sponsored or anchored on government existing programs. If you have such and it’s accessible to your community that will be alright. On the other hand communities can come up with this project. Our office will help too.

Why Not a Free Copy of Abia State Palm Plantation Business Plan?


Abia State  is actually  within the south eastern part of Nigeria. The capital is Umuahia. It has a major commercial city, Aba which  was formerly a British colonial government outpost within the region. Currently, it’s one among the foremost populated areas in Nigeria. Abia state was created in 1991 from the then old Imo State. As a matter of fact, it’s one  the constituent states of the Niger Delta region. It is also the 5th most industrialized state within the country. In addition, it has the 4th highest index of human development within the country.  In fact, it is one with numerous economic activities and fast growing populations as recorded by the United Nations early 2018.

Why Not a Free Copy of Abia State Palm Plantation Business Plan?

Abia State is made up of 17 Local Government Areas. These include;

  • Aba North
  • Aba South
  • Arochukwu
  • Bende
  • Ikwuano
  • Isiala Ngwa North
  • Isiala Ngwa South
  • Isuikwuato
  • Obi Ngwa
  • Ohafia

Furthermore, are

  • Osisioma Ngwa
  • Ugwunagbo
  • Ukwa East
  • Ukwa West
  • Umuahia North
  • Umuahia South
  • Umu Nneochi

Oil Palm Plantations

The palm oil crop currently occupies a lot of thousands of hectares of land in our communities. Unfortunately, they are all over gown aged palm trees that are no longer yielding as desired.  

The production of oil palm in Nigeria supplies much more than the traditional food crops. Most plantations and the regular traditional palm plantings are not in balance with the environment.  However, many family farmers depend on them for livelihood.

Yet, Nigeria is still not self-sufficient in the production of palm oil, a refined form of oil palm. National production is estimated at 340 thousand tons.  In fact, about 200 thousand tons are imported annually to meet the needs of the industries.

As a matter of fact, palm oil is one of the most versatile and also the most consumed in the world, especially in Asia and Africa.  What we know is the famous domestic usage but its greatest application is in the industry. Once refined, palm oil becomes the palm oil that supplies the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industry their major desired input. Being used in the manufacture of soaps such as cookies, breads and ice cream.

Order the business plan – Why Not a Free Copy of Abia State Palm Plantation Business Plan?

The entire community can place this order. Or individuals can do so too. You can contact us via +234 8034347851 or 09053130518 or cessummit0518@gmail.com.

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