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Rice plantation & processing: This is Bauchi State Community Business Plan

Rice plantation & processing: This is Bauchi State Community Business Plan

Rice plantation & processing: This is Bauchi State Community Business Plan – How does it work and what are the best practices? This is what this post is all about.  Bauchi state is having 20 local government councils and that is a great advantage to what we present here.  Have you thought about empowering your communities in Bauchi state? How do you think the economy of the communities will be if you organize their rice farming and processing business in a community scale?

How does it work?

We tell you how it works.  When communities are organized in groups. When community groups for co-operative societies. And then, men, women and youth organized themselves in age grades or in any other format for rice farming or processing business, that’s what we mean. And that is how it works. So, are you a community leader? A youth or woman leader, this is a responsibility for leadership. Can you take it up? In fact, this is how it works.

Rice Production in Nigeria – Rice plantation & processing: This is Bauchi State Community Business Plan

Furthermore, have you considered about how rice is produced in Nigeria. That is to say, have you come across or researched about rice production profile in Nigeria. Now, let’s see to it briefly.

Do you know that, Nigeria is the largest producer of Rice(paddy) in Africa? And, that it has an average production volume of 8 million metric tons. In fact, Nigeria ranked as the 14th largest producer of rice in the world in 2019. China is on the top of the producing countries.  In fact, Africa had a total production in 2019 of 14.6M.  Out of this, Nigeria produced about 55% while Egypt produced about 30% of the production volume.

Now, again, listen! Every business needs a business plan, including this. Therefore, there is a business plan for rice farming and processing of any magnitude by us. We have the facility to produce them. We have both ready-made ones and customized ones. As a matter of fact, the next paragraph gives the details of the comprehensive rice business  plan you can get from us.

The Business Plan for Rice plantation & processing:

We have the capacity to structure this community rice plantation or rice processing mill for each community. Therefore, it could be on a Local government scale or local community’s scale. Whichever one you chose, Complete Full Marks Consultants Limited and its subsidiary Cessummit Integrated Services will produce the business plan for you. Individual farmers also benefit from this.  Now let’s go through some of the elements that you will need featured in the business plan. You are also free to make request for special features. In that case, we will just produce what you want.

Business Plan Components:

  • The Executive Summary
  • Farming Community Profile
  • Bauchi State/Community Profile
  • The Rice Farming Profile
  • The Existing Alternatives and Comparative Advantages.
  • Farming Process: Farming Methods and Mechanisms.
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Plan and Analysis
  • Highlights of the commodity profile:

This is a brief history, components of the produce, processing and profitability highlights. A larger profile is in the main business plan. You can request for it.  But just now, let get at the brief profiles for rice farming and processing.

Rice planting

The rice plantation is a highly profitable business in the Nigerian domestic market. This is because the cereal is widely consumed by the population.

In addition, its export opportunity, according to data from the Ministry in 2019, exceeded 1.430 million tons, which made its cultivation even more profitable.

Rice growing:

 Do you know that, the cultivation of the staple cereal of the world food began more than 3,000 years ago on the Asian continent, particularly in Japan?  Although historians have pointed to India as its birthplace. Currently, the cereal plantation can be found in more than 114 countries around the world, including Nigeria. And in Nigeria, Bauchi state is inclusive.

Processing the Grain:

The rice grain consists of three fragments. These are the husk, germ and kernels (grain). Its bark is basically composed of carbohydrates, in addition to fibers and represents 22% of the total grain. It is mainly used in the preparation of animal feed, in addition to fertilizer and in furnaces.

The germ, also called bran, makes up 8% of the total grain. It’s also highly nutritious. In its composition we find carbohydrates, ashes, fibers, as well as fat and proteins.

Ashes are rich in B vitamins and fibers, aid in digestion, as well as for good intestinal functioning.

The Kernel:

Finally, the kernels, that is, the grain that is the most consumed fragment and that makes up 70% of its totality. So, while farming and processing, bear in mind that you will always get up to 70% of your productions as the main consumable grain. Did you understand these? We can tell you more.

Do you need this business plan?

I think you do. This is the rice farming  and milling business plan for communities, cooperative societies, Clubs, women and men organizations in your state to boost rice production and improve your community well-being. Why are you not interested? If you show and interest today by contacting us, we will work with you and for you to achieve this goal.

Rice plantation & processing: This is Bauchi State Community Business Plan

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Rice plantation & processing: This is Bauchi State Community Business Plan

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