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Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria

Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria

Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria – Are you among those asking People also asking how does telecommunication company make money in Nigeria. And the other set aking what is telecom plan or how do I set up a telecom business in Nigeria, now, this artile tkes care of all of these. We have here examples of telecom business plans for Nigerians. So, if you are in need of solution to how you may state a telecom busines in Nigeria, just sit down and go through this article.

Furthermore, taking care in this article are issues concerning business plan for telecommunication company in pdf with a well articulated telecommunication business model. And of course every of our plans has an inbuilt marketing plan for telecommunications company also in pdf. You can now apply for Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria,

Business Size Business plan templates:

Furthermore, on Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria we have in the last paragraph requested you to make your decisions on telecommunication business plan in pdf or MS Word. Here are different templat s for different sizes and niches of telecommunication serices. These Telecomm business niches inlude those for cable companies, internet service providers, satellite companies, and telephone companies. Therefore you can provide any of the following services;

  • Wireless communications.
  • Communications equipment.
  • Processing systems and products.
  • Long-distance carriers.
  • Domestic telecom services.
  • Foreign telecom services.
  • Diversified communication services.

Now these are different business ideas you cn invest in telecommunication industry. They are different business niches that require different business planning. And with out special business plan templates, you will have your business well planned.

Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria

Our high profile business plans:

As a matter of fact, this Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria is suitable for our high profile business plan template. Based on the different telecom business niches generated above, we make boast to say that our high profile business plan templates are well structured to cover all your start up essentials. That is why we ensure that all our business plans includ an executive summary for the company operations, marketing plans and financial plans with detailed assumption worksheets. At some times also clients request their business plan pitch to be added for their special presentations and internal control appraisals.

Like in this Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria, our generated financial analysis will let you know the cost of equipment, working capital and other operational cost, so that you understand the cost matrix of your business. And as a matter of fact, our business plan templates produce the parameters with the financial reports that shows you if the business is profitable or not. At this point, our business plan variables can be altered to suite your desired level of investments and operations.

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What is a telecom business in Nigeria?

This business involves the ownership and operation of a mobile telephony system. And so it includes the operation of other telephony, telecommunication, information and internet services. In this regard it also include all other telecommunication ancillary services that are related and or complementary to any such system and services.

In other words, on Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria, telecommunications companies must possess the necessary technologies for communication through the internet, phone, airwaves, cables, wires and wireless. Such also include infrastructures necessary for passing voice, words, video, and audio by these means to anywhere in the world.

Now are you one of those who wants to invest in the telecom industry in Nigeria and wondering which industry niche to invest in, here are the different segments of his business to go into. They are lucrative and profitable business ideas in the telecom industry. Then, remember that planning with our planning templates will do the magic for you.

Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria

How does cessummit helps you here?

As stated above, Cessummit has special business template for High profile Business plans like these businesses in the telecom industry. As you can see, such a vast industry offers a lot of business niche for the serious minded business person.

Going forward, from Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria, we have other businesses in this class. So, our other high profile business we care for include Airline operations, Oil & gas, Petroleum filling stations, Cooking gas, Agriculture and Food processing business. Others are Real Estate, Hotel, Transportation and Telecommunication business and many more.

In doing these, if you are a consultant or student who have problem generating your business plan financials, please worry no more. We have a system that enable us assist fellow consultants and students generate a matching business plan financials analysis for their business plans. That is why we invite those who are desirous of a good and comprehensive business plans to please visit our website today. Or Contact us via +234 905 313 0518 or cessummit0518@gmail.com

Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria

Anekivine Telecommunication Company Business Plan:


By this Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria, the desired telecommunications revolution has arrived. Anekivine Telecommunication Ltd has arrived. This revolution brings in Personal communications and unified messaging systems which are at the vanguard of this technological phenomenon.

Company Ownership:

Anekivine Telecommunication Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abujacom Ltd. which is a public reporting company. Mr. Eze King, Chief Executive Officer of Abujacom Ltd owns approximately 58% of the common stock of Anekivine Telecommunication Ltd.

Company Locations and Facilities:

Anekivine Telecommunication Ltd corporate offices are located in Ariwa Village, in Apo City. At its location the existing space of 900 square feet is adequate for existing staff. However new facilities have to be leased when sales representatives are hired.


Anekivine Telecommunication Ltd primary corporate objectives are:

  • To become the market leader in personal communications and unified messaging products and services within ten years.
  • To become the lowest cost provider. That is to drive an aggressive pricing model throughout the industry.
  • By the end of year one to have the best and most responsive customer service.


Our mobile system is already the most technologically-superior personal communications system in the world. Therefore, Anekivine Telecommunication Ltd management will build on our brand and technical reputation to become the market leader in personal and business communications. This also apply for unified messaging systems within five years.

Keys to Success:

There are three keys success factors for us.These are;

  • Marketing must generate sufficient sales volume to drive an aggressive pricing model while still achieving planned profitability projections.
  • Strategic partners must be found to private label and promote it through their distribution channels.
  • Equity capital must be secured at a reasonable valuation.

Financial Plan Analysis & Statements:

This Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria is for public consumptions. however, the financial plan and all the related analysis are kept in the appendix obtainable only on application.

Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria

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Summing Up on Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria

Thanks for reading through Free Telecommunication business plan Template in Nigeria, do you know that Business Consulting Services in Nigeria get better with Cessummit business consulting team? Do you know why? So, I tell you. Cessummit professionals provide comprehensive services ranging from business plans and business compliance certificates, internal control services to administrative support services. As a matter of fact, we offer these as essential Professional Business Consulting Services for business development. So, hire a business consultant here at cessummit.com. via +234 9053130518 or cessummit0518@gmail.com

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