Business Plan Executive Summary: Sample Executive Summary for Poultry Business Plan

Business Plan Executive Summary: Sample Executive Summary for Poultry Business Plan – The questions are; what is executive summary for poultry business? And, how do I make a business plan for a poultry farm? An executive summary contains the summary of the key points of your business plan. In fact, in it you should restate the purpose of the plan, the highlight of the major points, and describe the results, conclusions, or recommendations from the body of the business plan.

Sample Business Plan Executive Summary:

Furthermore, in our articles are sample executive summary for poultry farming, free poultry business plan templates and layers business plan executive summary. Among the free poultry farming business plans in Nigeria are business plan for 1000 broiler chickens. As a matter of fact, the executive summary could serve as introduction to poultry farming business proposal

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Business Plan Executive Summary: Sample Executive Summary for Poultry Business Plan

The Executive Summary:

The following proposal is based on 5 years of experience. It is highly focused and promises to follow a path of prosperity for its owners and staff. It is based on conservative sales figures, and actual sales may be higher. The projections contained herein are authentic and will be used as the budget for the business. ABC FARMS will show a profit immediately and will increase sales and profits each year thereafter.

ABC FARMS is a well-established custom POULTRY FARM. The company is engaged in rearing layer birds leading to the production of eggs, meat and organic fertilizer. ABC FARMS, has recently planned to expanded its production facility beyond its present client base. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service, meeting the agreed delivery dates, and keeping the sales prices controlled in accordance with ongoing market trends. The focus of this business proposal is to identify future target clients, explain our marketing strategy, improve internal procedures so we can substantially increase profitability, and obtain the funding required to expand the business.

ABC FARMS is located in Karuka in AMAC Area Council of Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. The company is a privately owned corporation and has been operating for nearly 5 years.

The towns surrounding ABCFARMS contain an estimated 20 large livestock farms. However, the entire FCT is an open market once delivery to customers is an option. ABC FARMS would then be in the market to compete for the business of over 200 medium farms.

Business Plan Executive Summary: Sample Executive Summary for Poultry Business Plan

The marketing research and tailored marketing strategy described in this business proposal will result in after-tax profits of N34.8m in Year 1 and increasing to nearly N46.4m in after-tax profits within three years, despite significant new advertising and renovation expenses.

To achieve these goals, ABC FARMS fields needs funding. We are currently seeking a N42m ($100,000 @ N420/$) long-term loan, to be repaid within ten years. This loan will enable us to purchase delivery trucks, a key element of our sales and marketing strategy, initial 10,000-layer birds, build the pen and other poultry equipment. Details of these are given in our fixed assets analysis segment of this proposal.

The business feasibility shows the projected financial and operation feasibilities over the next three years, effective 1st April, 2022. To start with, the following are some of the financial highlights of the projected business operations for the first three years.

Financial Highlights by Year (Ratios)

PeriodYear 1Year 2Year 3
Gross MarginN59.3mN74.9mN73.9m
Gross Margin %384343
Net ProfitN34.8mN45.6mN46.4m
Net Profit / Sales – %222627
These are shown in the chart below.
Business Plan Executive Summary: Sample Executive Summary for Poultry Business Plan

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Summing up on Business Plan Executive Summary: Sample Executive Summary for Poultry Business Plan

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