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How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions in Nigeria

How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions in Nigeria

How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions – Entrepreneurs in Nigeria have a lot of questions to address for their business success. Some of the questions are; what questions should a startup entrepreneur ask? And what are the 4 basic business questions? This is How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions

The answers to these questions will explain the important questions in entrepreneurship in Nigeria. It will also showcase the 5 questions people ask themselves before they start a business. Therefore, the focus of this post is on entrepreneurship questions and answers.

How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions

Furthermore, in business literature, there are over 50 questions, 100 and more questions to ask an entrepreneur at every time. These re made up of business questionnaires for startups and research questions about startup businesses. In fact, here are expert tips at cessummit.com to take your business to the next level. Read, understand and follow the handful of strategic ways to grow your business. They are hot, profitable and untapped business growth ideas in Nigeria.

How Entrepreneurs understand these questions in Nigeria

These Questions are for Entrepreneurs:

Being own boss is very exciting. But then, there are serious research work to be done. There are also some homework about yourself and business location.

Personal Entrepreneurial Questions:

It’s actually time to ask yourself these questions; Do I have –

  • The personality, temperament, and mindset of taking on the market on my own brands?
  • The required ambiance and resources to devote to the business
  • All the time for the venture?
  • An exit plan ready with a clearly defined timeline in case my venture does not work?
  • A holistic plan for the next “x” number of months or will I face challenges midway due to family interference, financial, or other commitments challenges?
  • Standardized mitigation plan for those challenges?
  • The required network spread to seek business development assistance and mentorship as needed?
  • Identified notable business bridges builders with experienced as mentors to learn from their expertise?
  • Prepared a draft of complete risk assessment, including dependencies on external factors?
  • Tentative SWOT analysis
  • Realistically assessed the potential of my offering and how it fits into an existing market?
  • This is How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions in Nigeria


  • In case my offerings are going to replace existing product in the market, how will my competitors react?
  • Do I need a patent to keep my offering secured?
  • Do I have an identified target customer base for the initial phase?
  • And, do I have scalability plans ready for a larger markets?
  • Do I have an identified sales and distribution channels?

How Entrepreneurs understand these questions in Nigeria

Questions That Delve into External Factors:

These questions are very necessary to address your business external factors, such as;

  • Is my business in line with the industry regulations and laws?
  • And if this is not possible here, can I or should I relocate to another region?
  • How long does it take to get the necessary license or permissions from concerned authorities?
  • Do I have a plan of getting the necessary resources and skilled employees,
  • Have I made cost considerations for these resources?
  • What are the tentative timelines for bringing the first prototype to market or for services to be operational?
  • Who and who are my primary customers? Very important for How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions in Nigeria
  • Who are the funding sources need to approach to scale up?
  • Is my venture good enough to convince potential stakeholders?
  • What technical infrastructure do I require?
  • Once the business is established, will I have sufficient funds to get resources and take it to the next level?
  • Will other big firms copy my model and kill my operation?

How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions

FAQ About Entrepreneurship

Who is the Entrepreneur? And what is he/she?
An entrepreneur is an individual who takes the risk to start own business based on an idea he/she has or a product he/she has created while assuming most of the risks and reaping most of the rewards.

The Best Definition of Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is the process of setting up a business. It’s a process taking from an idea to a realization.

What Are the 3 Types of Entrepreneurs? How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions in Nigeria
These are Small businesses, scalable startups and large companies.

What Are the 7 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs?
Versatile, resilient, flexible, money-savvy, business smart, focused, and communicator.

The Bottom Line:

An entrepreneur is an individual who takes an idea or product and creates a business. Its process is known as entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, the creation of a business requires a lot of work and dedication. This is why everybody is not involved. In fact, entrepreneurs are highly motivated risk-takers with a vision and make a lot of sacrifices to achieve the vision.

Entrepreneurs enter the market to capture market share. They believe their product will have a positive impact on the market. And, hope to make profits from their risk efforts. That is how the entrepreneurs fuel the economy. That is by creating businesses that employ people and make products and services that consumers buy. This is How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions in Nigeria

Our Approach to Solution Finding:

Furthermore, we present several approaches born out of experience and research. In fact, with over 30 years of industry experience, we have come to realize that the under-listed are big business development and support challenges to many entrepreneurs. So, they form part of our business niche. Therefore, we found solutions to them for our client’s business growth and development. Now check out what we do for you.

  1. Corporate certificates:

Part of entrepreneurial challenges is on corporate documentation. Therefore, we assist clients in obtaining corporate certifications and other documents. So, we

2. Consultancy services:

Our consultancy services will assist you in planning and structuring your business operation properly. So, get from us the following;

How  Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions

How Entrepreneurs Understand These Questions in Nigeria

3. Accounting & Auditing Services:

In addition, as professional Accountants, we assist clients in carrying out their statutory duties for keeping proper books of accounts for internal control purposes. As external auditors, we audit your accounts and do your tax computations and annual returns for the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and State Internal Revenue Services (SIRS). By this, we assist in obtaining your tax clearances which is one of the contract bidding compliance certificates needed in Nigeria.

4. Funding Arrangements: How Entrepreneurs Understand Business Questions in Nigeria

5. General Business:

I hope you love our services! Then, contact today.

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