The 5th Type of business plan for your business growth

The 5th Type of business plan for your business growth – We bring you another outlook of business plan models. There has been that knowledge for 3 types of business plan and 4 types of business plan before this. All of these explain types of business and individual business operations. The knowledge of business plan has grown up to a level where if Madan draws her household kitchen market list, she could think it’s a type of business plan. But then, that may not be true but the fact is that the spirit of drawing that market list is the same spirit compelling you to write your business operational list in a business plan detailing how they will be achieved.

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Business Plan defined:

Business plans detail a course of action and differ in format and content, depending on the objectives. Every business needs a formal and a well structured plan of action to build and grow efficiently.

The 5th Type of business plan for your business growth

The 5-types of Business Plan:

Here are 5 differne types of business plan for your use. Note that your type of business, the stage of your business, the use of the business plan and the audience involved will determine the type of business plan that suites you. that’s why there are Start-up plans, One-page plan, Expansion Plan, strategic and feasibility plans.

A startup business plan:

This plan may be for different purposes. Many business beginners who want to know what is involved in the business draw up a business plan. This may be to ascertain the capital funding. Yet, others do this to attract investors or loan facility.

So, a Start up business plan is the plan a new venture prepares for a potential investor in the hopes of receiving startup funding. And, as an initial plan that can be adjusted as needed as the business grows. This plan is always a comprehensive one and must include the following information:

  • Executive summary
  • Company Profile
  • Management Team
  • Product and service offering
  • Value proposition
  • Market and Marketing evaluations
  • Projected startup costs analysis
  • Cash flow projections and income and profit expectations

One-page plan:

This is a lean plan. The one-page plan usually highlights the most important parts of a lean plan. This is in the form of summarizing a business activities to brief potential investors and partners about the basic details of the company.
This plan explains the company’s product or services. It also shows the target market and a sales forecast. It must also include the company description, spotlighting the company’s values and mission. Another name for this is a business pitch.

Expansion/scale up plan:

An expansion/growth/scale up plan is used when a company is looking to grow. As a development plan it gives more information on the required financial investment, materials for new products and increased in number of employees.

This type of plan can be created for external or internal reasons. Therefore, must include different information like;

  • Full company profile
  • Elaborate details of services or products
  • Profile of the management team members
  • Elaborate financial projections
  • Marketing Data and full market research analysis.
  • Funding need and sources
  • Company achievements

Strategic plan:

This is an action plan. It’s always designed to achieve a long-term or overall plan. So, it details the strategies a company will use to achieve its overall goals. The 5 components must be covered by most strategic plans:

  • Company mission statement
  • The company vision
  • Key factors to achieve success
  • Strategies to meet goals
  • Implementation deadline

Feasibility plan:

Feasibilities are analysis to assess viability. It’s always written when a company is preparing for a new business venture. So, when a company plans to introduce a new product in an existing market or selling current products to a new market, a feasibility study becomes inevitable.

In fact, this plan type details what market will buy the product or service and if that new venture will result in a profit or not. Usually this type of plan requires a lot of market research in the form of crowd-funding or product-testing to determine a product’s viability in the marketplace.

The 5th Type of business plan for your business growth

The 5th Type of business plan for your business growth

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Summing up on The 5th Type of business plan for your business growth

Understanding The 5th Type of business plan for your business growth is very important for your business growth. In fact, the use of the business plan and the audience involved will determine the type of business plan that suites you. So, you may need a Start-up plan, One-page plan, Expansion Plan, strategic and feasibility plans.

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