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Poultry farm business overview: most common mistakes broiler farmers make – There are so many mistakes we wish to correct here. This is because from our research we have found out so many mistakes that are made by poultry broiler farmers. In our previous post on Poultry poor growth & early mortality: problems possible causes and actions to be taken, we highlighted some of the mistakes. Please, click to read it.

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Broiler Farmers Mistakes:

These mistakes are broad based. They are both administrative and occupational. Occupational or professional mistakes are those made by the farmer in active work. Farmers attitude to work and practical actions that impact on the health of the broilers. On the other hand, administrative mistakes are those that bother on records keeping and administrative procedures.

Administrative Mistakes:

This is one of the mistakes. It’s actually an error coming from the farmers background. This is because most farmers don’t run commercial farm. Another reason is the nonchalant attitude of many people. If you call this business you should be able to solve this equation: Revenue – Cost = Profit. As a matter of fact, it’s the records that give rise to this ”C” in the equation that we are concerned about here. Please, read on.

Very Poor Record Keeping!!!

Farm record keeping is an aspect of broiler farming that’s rarely talked about. Keeping record is the backbone of managing one’s agribusiness.

  What is Farm record?

Farm record is a written document of various transactions and activities in the farm,

The transactions/ Activities includes;

πŸ‘‰ Keen observations
πŸ‘‰ Activities of the flock & farm inputs

Other are;
πŸ‘‰ Challenges and Action taken
πŸ‘‰ procurements, Output & sales,
πŸ‘‰consumption etc.

As a matter of fact, having an updated farm records in the farm helps the farmer in making financial and rearing analysis. Financial and rearing decisions include those for budgeting, assessing profits and losses, farm monitoring and prompt relevant actions, etc.

The importance of farm record keeping is an inevitable task in farming and must be taken very seriously for anticipated success. Therefore, if you plan to be a prominent farmer with productive farm, you cannot avoid record keeping in your farm.

Reasons for keeping farm records for Poultry farm business overview: most common mistakes broiler farmers make

There are various reasons why a farmer should keep farm records.

  1. Avoidance of mistake:
    Farmers need to keep good records, in other to predict the future by truly understanding past results.
    Good record keeping helps to smoothen out the variations that our memory imposes, facilitating rational decision making.
  2. It helps the farmer in planning improvement and management decisions for the business.
  3. Farm records helps farmers in keeping a track of performing ventures.
  4. It helps in measuring the progress of the business and plan for the future.
  5. It assist in determining what the efficiencies are.
  6. Helps in preparing farm accounts at the end of the year, tax payments etc.
  7. Helps the farmer track income and expenditures.
  8. Farm records enables the farmer obtain loans from banks and other financial institutions etc.

A little Advise on Poultry farm business overview: most common mistakes broiler farmers make

  • Now that we know the importance of farm record keeping, let’s put them into practice. In fact, for the success of our farms. Even though we know that keeping poultry is not easy.
  • Keep it on as a learning process. You should start slowly and expand as you gain experience.
  • You may have set backs but you must Persevere and seek advice when you have problems and need help.
  • Keeping good records of your flock will help you with efficiency and productivity.
  • Keeping records doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. It’s a matter of finding a system that works for you.
  • Start over again if need be. but the biggest mistake would be not to keep any records at all.

πŸ™πŸ½ God bless you!!!


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