Poultry poor growth & early mortality: problems possible causes and actions to be taken. This is a mind blowing solution for poultry farmers challenges concerning poor growth and early mortality in their farms. We have been involved in poultry farming business for some times now. In fact, we belong to a farmers club where we put heads together working with known vet doctors to proffer solutions to poultry farm problems. We highlighted some of these in our previous post on Poultry farm business overview: most common mistakes broiler farmers make. You have to click on this to read it.

These solutions are useful for you in your farms. They are also useful for those writing to obtain loans. And in some cases where you face loan interviews these are handy answers to certain questions thrown on you. And for those of you who want to develop a working business plan, these tips must be there.

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The Problems:

These problems and solutions are divided into two sections. The first section deals with mortality challenges, while the second section deals with growth challenges. We implore you to bookmark this web page because this post will be updated very soon. We have a series of these research work to bring across to members of the public. So, if you bookmark it you will be able to get our updates always. Another thing to do is to follow us on our Facebook handle. That will also enable you get our regular updates.

Section one on Poultry poor growth & early mortality: problems possible causes and actions to be taken.

As a matter of fact, this is the section on mortality. Just read on.

High early mortality (greater than 1% in the first week)

1 – Incorrect brooding ( high temperature, low temperatures, etc)
2 – Disease
3 – Poor Appetite
4 – birds getting weak due to delay in transportation.

In addition, ACTION
1 – Re-adjust brooder temperature. Use the temperature ranges shown on the temperature chart.

2 – Check water consumption. Check the height of waterers or drinkers. Position drinkers away from heat source, Check calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D levels in the diet, Use good / bright light programs to increase bird activity.

3 – Measure and achieve target crop fill levels. Check feed availability (amount & space). You can increase feed consumption and appetite by Adding Multivitamins/Electrolytes in water. it improves appetite, reduces mortality, improves growth and immunity.

High mortality (after 7 days)

Furthermore, CAUSES
1 – Metabolic disease (ascites, sudden death syndrome)
2 – Infectious diseases ( colibacilosis, coccidiosis, etc
3 – Leg problems.
4 – Environmental conditions.

1 – Check ventilation rates. You may need to open up coverings for chicks to get fresh air. Check feed formulation, etc.

2 – Establish cause (post-mortem), take veterinary advice.

3 – Check faecal color, and possible respiratory problems.

3 – Check water consumption, Check calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D levels in diet. Use light programs to increase bird activity

Section two on Poultry poor growth & early mortality: problems possible causes and actions to be taken.

Furthermore, this is the section on growth challenges.

Poor early growth and uniformity

1 – Nutrition
2 – Environmental conditions
3 – Appetite
4 – Disease
5- inadequate feeders or drinkers.
6- inadequate feed
7- poor quality chicks.

1 – Check starter ration (availability, nutritional and physical quality)in this case use only SUPER STARTER CRUMBLES. Check water supply (availability and quality)

2 – Check temperature and humidity profiles. Check day-length, Check air quality (C02, dust, minimum ventilation rate)
3 – Check poor stimulation of appetite (low proportion of birds with filled crops)

4 – Post-mortem on dead chicks, take veterinary advice

  • improve spacing weekly.
  • correct feeder to birds ratio.
  • correct drinker to birds ratio.
  • increase feed quantity every week.

Poor/ late growth and uniformity

1 – Low nutrient intake
2 – Infectious disease
3 – Environmental conditions & Space

1 – Check feed nutritional and physical quality and formulation. Check feed intake and accessibility. Excessive early restriction, Lighting program too restrictive
2 – Establish cause (post mortem), seek veterinary advice
3 – Check ventilation rates. Check stocking density. Then, check house temperatures And also check water and feed availability, Check feeder and drinker space

To be continued. 🙏🏽 God bless you!


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Summing Up on Poultry poor growth & early mortality: problems possible causes and actions to be taken.

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