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Modern Poultry Farmers:  Business Plan Templates

Modern Poultry Farmers: Business Plan Templates

Modern Poultry Farmers: Business Plan Templates – Poultry farms are in sizes. And, so are the size of the facilities. In this regard too, there are different business plan template for each type of facility. We provide all types of poultry size business plan of your choice. However, we present here an illustrative sample of poultry business plan.

These business templates are suitable for your NIRSAL MFB AGSMEIS loan application as well as those for BOI loans. You may need just the executive summary to support your application or the financial analysis and statements. You just have to contact us for your copy.

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As a matter of fact, there are Poultry house Plans for 100 chickens, and 200 chickens. In fact, there are sizes of poultry house for 1000 birds and for 500 birds. There are say 3 types of housing in poultry, showcasing chicken layer cage dimensions plans, poultry structures, and poultry house plans for 1000 chickens. We cover also all you need as
requirements for poultry farming. All of these account for your initial poultry farm investment requirements.

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Executive Summary of Modern Poultry Farmers: Business Plan Templates

Cess Poultry farm is into commercial production of poultry birds. We specialize in raising of turkey, chicken, duck, geese and pigeon. Our poultry farm is a start-up poultry that produces quality and affordable poultry products and by-products such as egg and meat. These we process and packaged to meet local and global standards.
Poultry business is a great choice for us. This is because in the society it represents an excellent choice of protein. As a matter of fact, of all the birds, chicken is the most reared in all poultry businesses, hence, like most other farms in Nigerian, we rear chicken predominantly.
Furthermore, we breed layers for their eggs. And broilers and cockerel are bred for their meat. In comparison, broilers have a lump of more tender meat than cockerel. They also mature faster and fetch a better price in the market. Our poultry farm also consists of the hatchery which is where poultry eggs are hatched. Hence, we sell birds hatched within a twenty-four hour. These are called day-old.

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Our Goal:

As a matter of fact, our goal is to be one of the top 5 poultry farms in Nigeria by 2025 providing excellent poultry products.


  • To drive the above goal, our objectives include to work hard to become
  • One-stop-shop for high-quality poultry products
  • And to achieve sales growth target quarterly and annually.
  • Then, to achieve profit in the first year and to sustain that in subsequent years
  • And finally, to exceed customers’ expectations by providing quality sales services and products at an optimum price.

Industry Overview for Modern Poultry Farmers: Business Plan Templates

The poultry market in Nigeria is Large. It’s also commonly accepted by all shades of the society. So, no group of individuals prohibit the sales or consumption of poultry product. In fact, it is being directly and indirectly promoted for consumption during local festivals. Think of periods of Easter, Christmas, New Year, Id El-Fitri and Eid Kabir. All of these promote the consumption of poultry products. That makes sales recorded at those times of the year unusually high.
In addition to the festive periods, restaurants, grill shops, hotels, and other catering outlets rely on poultry products. Furthermore , food and snacks like chicken suya, scotch eggs, egg roll, chicken burger, egg soup and salad are made of poultry products. In addition, eggs are also used in pastries for leavening and for hair shampoo.

Product and Services:

These are grouped into two;

Main Products:

The main focus of this business is to produce:

  • Eggs from layers,
  • Chicks (day-old to two-weeks old),
  • Meat from broilers, cockerel, culled layers
  • And breeders.

By products: these include dropping, offal, and hatchery wastes.

Competitive Advantage:

Our competitive advantage is why people should patronize us. Therefore, we will ensure we attract patronage by;
Ensuring we not only produce live and raw poultry products, but also deliver quality processed poultry products.
Another quality is that we will ensure that our facility is modern, neat, and hygienic. In fact, we use the state-of-the-art systems for the production of poultry and rendering of kill-cut-wrap-freeze (KCWF) services
In addition is an efficient market chain management. This will include optimum inventory and various slaughter systems.
Furthermore, we will ensure a fair price and discount offers so that our clients get the best value for their money.
Again, we will ensure regular visit by veterinaries.

Modern Poultry Farmers:  Business Plan Templates

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Summing Up Modern Poultry Farmers: Business Plan Templates

Finally, as there are different sizes of poultry business so are the size of business plan. The fact is that there is a business plan for your business no matter the size. You may wish to bookmark this page for further updates. Contact us on on cessumit0518.@mail.com or 09053130518 for your needed services.

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