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All You need to Know about Rice farming & Processing business plan in Nigeria?

All You need to Know about Rice farming & Processing business plan in Nigeria?

This is All You need to Know about Rice farming & Processing business plan in Nigeria? There re business plans in both PDF and MS Word. This is often referred to as a rice farming and processing business plan. Therefore, it’s in two segments of rice farming and rice processing both re consolidated into this bankable business plan. The feasibility analysis are just superb. So, it serves for project proposal for rice production and rice processing business plan in Nigeria. In fact, it’s also designed to be suitable as feasibility study on rice production in Nigeria for tutorial purposes.

The business plan:

This rice farming and processing business plan with 3 years financial analysis. Its developed for people who have an interest in going into rice farming and in need of a business decide to source for funds. The business plan focuses on using improved varieties and modern thanks to cultivate rice on a billboard level. It takes 4 months for rice to mature.

Rice is one among the foremost staple foods consumed in Nigeria both by wealthy and therefore the poor. As a matter of fact, because the population increases, the demand for rice is on the rise . Until recently, most of the rice consumed in Nigeria re imported.

Nigeria’s Rice Production – All You need to Know about Rice farming & Processing business plan in Nigeria?

It will interest you to understand that Nigeria is that the largest producer of rice in West Africa. And, therefore the third in Africa after Egypt and Madagascar. Producing about 3 million metric tons on the typical annually, falls in need of meeting its local demand which is placed at about 5 million tons. For this shortfall in supply, Nigeria spends 1 billion Naira on rice importation daily which is about 365 billion Naira annually to satisfy the high demand.

Furthermore, rice re often cultivated anywhere in Nigeria as long as there’s sufficient water and well-prepared soil. Again, and it also depends on the varieties. Presently, the world of land used for rice cultivation is about 2.5 million hectares in Nigeria. The rice takes just 4 months to mature.

Rice in Geographical Locations:

As a mattr of fact, The state with the very best local production of rice in major cultivation areas like Sokoto, Ogun, Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Niger, Kogi and among others. The sorts of rice grown in Nigeria are upland rice, lowland rice and fadama rice. this relies on the geographic area .

The body of the business plan along side the financials re in PDF words. In fact, they’re auto-generated by our business plan world-class accounting principle software.

Order a Copy:

Furthermore, the 3 years financials formed from startup or expansion cost requirement. That is, fixed monthly expenses, salary analysis, sales projections, cash flow, earnings report , balance sheets, break-even analysis just to say a couple of .

In fact, instead of dalliance and energy trying to organize one for yourself and still find it difficult, the quality business plan will assist you save time and money.

The Purpose – All You need to Know about Rice farming & Processing business plan in Nigeria?

The rice farming and processing business plan we’ve developed is for you to source for loan, grant or to present to investors for funding. The business plan is in soft copy. Unless specially requested our business plans re mailed in PDF. However, if you need it to be MS Word, we’ll oblige you in order that you’ll easily make changes thereto anytime, anywhere.

All You need to Know about Rice farming & Processing business plan in Nigeria?

Take a glance at the table of content:

1) Table of Contents

2) Executive Summary: The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales among others

3) Company Overview: this includes, Mission Statement, History and Current Status, Markets and Products, Objectives and Keys to success

4) Product or Service description.

5) Industry and marketing research  comprising Introduction, Industry analysis, marketing research,  Customer analysis, Competitor analysis and SWOT Analysis

6) Marketing Strategy x-rays Target Market Strategy, Product/Service Strategy, Pricing Strategy,
Distribution Strategy, Advertising and Promotion Strategy, Sales Strategy, Marketing and Sales Forecasts

7) Operations – these are the Operations Strategy, The scope of Operations,
Operating Expenses

8) Development covers Development Strategy and Development Timeline and Expenses

9) Management segment defines the Company Organization, Management Team and
Administrative Expenses

10) Summary of Financials are those for Financial Assumptions and Forecasts
Projected income captured in the Income Statements

iii. Performance analysis are for  Profit and loss, margin of profit , chart etc. and
Financial Risks

11) Appendices

These are supports for Product/Service Description (e.g., diagrams, pictures, etc.) And, other supporting financial statements

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Our Contacts – All You need to Know about Rice farming & Processing business plan in Nigeria?

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