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Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation

Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation

Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation – Accounting equation equalizes accounting balances. If this is not achieved, then the entire exercise has an error. This post shows you how. especially for the non-accountant CEOs, you will understand how this works for your business management information. Now, read more about Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation

The Post Focus:

As a matter of fact, the main focus of this post is how to let the non-accountant CEOs understand how accounting equation works. So, we start from what this accounting equation is to what it is not. Our aim therefore is to make him understand his financial records. This understanding also will enable him/her know how to interpret his accounting variables. In fact, will enable him know how to apply the variables in generating the essential parameters needed to manage his/her business.

To start with, we have done some research on this topic and here listed are the relevant topics. You duty here is to click on them, one after the other, to get full information on certain accounting principles you need to manage your business well.

Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation

Simplified Questions and Answers on Accounting Equation:

My dear non-accountant CEO, we have here some questions whose answers will address your understanding of this subject matter. So, please, read on.

What is the main purpose of an equation?

An equation is the mathematical representation of those two things which are equal. Normally, one on each side of an ‘equals’ sign. As you know, equations are useful in solving our daily life problems. That is why most of the times we take pre algebra help to resolve some of our real life problems.

So, now, what is the easiest way to understand accounting equation?

The first thing to note is the three elements of the accounting equation. These are the assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity. With this understanding you can now reason that a company’s total assets are equal to its liabilities plus its shareholders’ equity. This is the simple accounting equation; Assets = Liability + shareholders equity.

Going further, what does the accounting equation tell you?

It explains the equation expressed above. In fact, it helps you see the relationship between your assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity. With this, you are sure your balance sheet is balanced. And, invariably helps you detect possible errors in your recordkeeping, when the balance sheet does not balance.

So, what happens if the accounting equation does not balance?

As is seen in the equation, the two sides of the equation must balance each other. Where it does not balance, then, your financial reports are inaccurate.

And, then, why does the accounting equation always work?

The accounting equation will always work. This is because the double entry system of accounting will always make the two sides of the accounting records balance. That is how the dual aspect of accounting for income and expenses will result in equal increases or decreases to assets or liabilities.

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Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation

On Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation

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Summing Up on Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation

Non-Accountant CEOs: How to understand Accounting Equation is essential for CEOs entrepreneurs. All relevant explanations are given above. If you didn’t quit understand, refresh and start off again. Or bookmark it to come back to it latter. Now, follow us on our face-book pages. Again. help share this to reach your friends. Sharing is made simple here by your clicking on any of the social media buttons on this page. Then, contact us on +234 9053130518/08034347851 or emailing via cessummit0518@gmail.com. Get inspired here  And, to get more information on this website, use our search button on this page. Just type in whatever you want, and this site will give you that. Get professional tips here

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