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Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips?

Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips?

Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips? In fact, are you Interested in tips for starting a cassava growing business? If YES, see how to open a cassava plantation farm in Nigeria. How much does it cost to launch?

This article is good for cassava farming communities in Nigeria. So, if you are a cooperative society or club or any other organization interested in cassava farming in commercial basis, this article is for you.

Cassava cultivation business on the farm:

The collection, processing, marketing and for export. These are your objectives? Am I correct? Then, this article is for you. So, you have to read through for proper understanding and applications.

Starting an agricultural business of growing and producing cassava for local consumption, processing for industrial use and packaging for export is a smart investment decision that you can make as a farmer. The industrial processing of cassava has great potential for successful investments. Is planting manioc a good deal? What is the cost analysis for growing one hectare of cassava?  Please, read on.

Get a cassava plantation and processing business plan from us:

This is available. For every business plan. We customize it to suit your need. That is why we think you can contact us for this. So call on 09053130518 or cessummit0518@gmail.com for your copy. If you are organizing a community cassava plantation program click her for more details.

Local and industrial uses of cassava

Cassava is a vegetable root rich in carbohydrates in the form of starch. It is also consumed by many people in different regions of the country, from Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Owerri, Ibadan, Kano, Port Harcourt to Calabar.  Cassava can be processed to feed ruminants.

Cassava products – Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips?

 Do you know that cassava roots are also processed into?

  • Cassava flakes popularly called Harry
  • Cassava flour can be consumed as Elubo Lafun or used in the bakery industry to make bread.
  • Starch for industrial and pharmaceutical use
  • Adhesives and adhesives
  • Chips, ethanol and glucose syrup.

These products are in great demand and are also intended for export to other African countries. You can easily make millions from these profitable investments if you know how.

Factors to consider when choosing a cassava production site:

 Location of cassava plantation

 If you are looking for agricultural land for your cassava plantation, be sure to choose an accessible, fertile and well-drained location. You can buy cheap agricultural land from the government or from individuals. An acre of agricultural land should be worth between 150,000 and 250,000. You will spend N10,000 to N30,000 per hectare to prepare agricultural land.

The best varieties of cassava for high yields – production cost of cassava per hectare

  • High quality cassava breed – If you want to make a good profit from the cassava cultivation business, you should plant the following varieties recommended for their good yield and quality:
  • TMS 30572, NR 8082, NR8083, TMS 4 (2) 1425, TMS 81/00110, TMS 92/0326. Soon ten new varieties of cassava. All of these types are good Yield of cassava per hectare.

Weed control before cassava planting

Ten days before the start of the preparation of the land, it is necessary to cultivate the land where it is intended to start the planting of cassava with a general herbicide in the proportion of 4.5 liters per hectare. If you want to cut costs, it is recommended to mechanize most of the production processes of cassava. One liter of this herbicide ranges from N1000 to N1500.

Liming of agricultural land in the production of cassava – When preparing the land for planting cassava, it is recommended to apply 250 kg of limestone per hectare of agricultural area.

 Cassava cultivation:

 Cassava planting begins in April and may continue until October. 60-65 bunches of cassava stems per hectare are processed as planting material. Each bunch of cassava stem costs N300. The 25 cm long seedlings of the cassava stem are usually planted at intervals of 1 by 1 meter (1 mx 1 m). You will spend almost US $ 1,000 per day per worker, hiring four people to plant one hectare of land. It is prudent to always maintain a sowing rate of 100%, replacing stems that are dying or not germinated.

Weed control after planting in cassava plantations

If you have not used a complete herbicide before planting cassava, it is recommended to spray your cassava plantation with a selective herbicide within five days after planting. Correction of 5 liters of Primextra per hectare. A liter is worth N1500.

Types and rates of fertilizer use in cassava cultivation

The number of bags of NPK fertilizer to be applied per hectare of cassava culture is shown below.

  • NPK 15:15:15 – 12 (50 kg) bags / ha NPK 20:10:10
  • 9 (50 kg) bags / ha NPK 12:12:17
  • 15 (50 kg) bags / there is

Furthermore, the fertilizer is applied to the fields eight weeks after planting the cassava trees. The rings should be 6 cm thick and placed 10 cm from the plant. Make sure that the chemical is not touching the stem or leaves of the cassava.

Cassava harvest:

How many tubers will my farm yield? With effective methods and management, you can obtain 25 tons of cassava roots per hectare of agricultural land.

Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips?

Requirements – Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips?

You are required to make decision on cassava plantation, processing and marketing, including exports.  Our job is to assist you achieve all of these your objectives with minimal costs.  So, it will be good I you contact us to find out what we can do for you in this business.

Furthermore, do you want to register your business, cooperatives, and other forms of organizations to achieve this? Then, contact us too.



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Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips?


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Cassava growing business: Do you need the business tips?

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