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SCUML Application Form: This is how to fill it.

SCUML Application Form: This is how to fill it. Have you seen this form before? Yes or No, we will give you the breakdown and specimen of the form in this post. Cessummit.com is an entrepreneurial empowerment strategic organization, with the single aim of helping young entrepreneurs stand on their business.

Therefore, whether you are an up-coming or on-going entrepreneur this post is for you. Especially important for you here is how you may obtain your SCUML as to be able to carry out your business seamlessly.

The Application Form:

Here is the application form. You are free to note all that is required in it. Then, prepare to get the requirements ready before applying.

SCUML Application Form: This is how to fill it.

Required Information: SCUML Application Form: This is how to fill it.

As a matter of fact, you have to make the following

  • Incorporation/Registration/Business Name * Company name must be exactly how it is captured on your company Certificate.
  • RC No or BN Number *
  • Date of Company’s Registration *
  • TIN Number *
  • Company’s Trade Name.
  • BVN *
  • Company Account Number *
  • Brief Description of Business.

The process for obtaining a SCUML certificate is easy, simply log into SCUML websitewww.scuml.org, click on the tab “Register Online” and fill the registration form and attach the required documents. The documents to be attached for business name include; Certificate of incorporation.

SCUML Application Form: This is how to fill it.

SCUML Registration Offices:

THE FOLLOWING e-mail: address

  1. Abuja office: helpdesk@scuml.org
  2. Lagos Zonal Office: lagos@scuml.org
  3. Enugu Zonal Office: enugu@scuml.org
  4. Kano Zonal Office: kano@scuml.org
  5. Port-Harcourt Office: ph@scuml.org
  6. Gombe Zonal Office: gombe@scuml.org
  7. Ibadan Zonal Office: Ibadan@scuml.org
  8. Kaduna Zonal Office: kaduna@scuml.org
  9. Maiduguri Zn Off: maiduguri@scuml.org
  10. Benin Zonal Office: benin@scuml.org
  11. Uyo Zonal Office: uyo@scuml.org
  12. Sokoto Zonal Office: sokoto@scuml.org

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