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Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is – This is another interpretation of what entrepreneurship is.  It’s a follow-up to our earlier publications on Entrepreneurship and innovation, Advantages and how to become an Entrepreneur, and what you need to know before you undertake. So, if you are interested in these topics and want to be mentored as an entrepreneur, this topic is for you.

As a matter of fact, we had explained previously, that there are different definitions for what it means to undertake, but this concept is surrounded by fantasies. Fed by articles and photos of celebrities, many of them show entrepreneurs enjoying a glamorous lifestyle, full of parties, champagne, and fun.  But not quite. Read this Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

But please, wait!

The above story is true but not until the company is established, the most common is that the owner and his partners work longer than they would if they were in a traditional job. Is it not true?

That’s because they will need to structure the entire company, dealing with complex issues and sometimes performing operational tasks while they don’t have a larger team. This is the first myth.

In fact, in this topic, we gather other myths and some truths for you to know before choosing this path. The aim is to let you know what you should be being an entrepreneur. Read this Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

Follow us then!

Entrepreneurship is about taking a dream off paper; true or false?

True, with caveats. This is because the start of an enterprise calls for a good idea and a lot of motivation for it to be put into practice.  So it’s interesting that this idea is part of the entrepreneur’s dreams. However, he must be aware that not everything will be exactly as he dreamed. Because, the business will have to be validated with potential customers and, in some cases, presented to potential investors.

Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

Both situations may suggest the need for changes regarding the original project so that the proposed solution has adherence in the market. That is, the dream can change to adapt to reality. Did you catch this vision?

In addition, entrepreneurship requires only knowledge in the business area; Myth, is it?

Yes!  Because, once you are in charge of your company, you will take on management and leadership activities that require knowledge to be successfully executed.

Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

Obviously, your technical expertise will be essential, especially in the early years of the venture, when you may need to perform the service directly for one or more customers. However, as the client portfolio and its staff grow, the tendency is that their agenda will be much more occupied by the administration and business management routine.

So, do not fall into the trap of deepening knowledge only in the area of ​​your solution. Did you get this? So, let’s continue.

Entrepreneurship is about solving something that people need.

Truth. Very true. So, for your business to take off, it is essential to find a solution to a demand that has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the consumer. Once the customer identifies value in your product or service, it will be easier to close a deal and build a relationship.

Thus, you will form a sufficient customer base to keep the company running. So, please, keep solving problems. Reasons along with Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

Entrepreneurship guarantees a quick financial return

Myth. A big one. This is because, even if you have the right tools, and extensive technical and management knowledge, you are unlikely to make a profit in the first few months. Therefore, it will be necessary to have some cash in hand in order for the business to work in the beginning, in addition to good planning to understand how long the return will come.

If the idea is to make money fast, it may be smarter to seek advice on financial investments and choose the most advantageous. Remember too that some projects are not for profit. Such businesses only look at social value additions. Whichever one you are interested in, we can help you with the required bankable business plan with feasibility analysis.

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson.

Entrepreneurship involves taking risks.

Truth. Yes, this is a reality. Find out from Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

So, whether you are daring or conservative, the act of starting a business certainly implies risk-taking. In fact, low adherence to the product or service, unfair competition, defaults, and bankruptcy are some of the dangers that any business is exposed to.  And the key to dealing with them is planning and monitoring.

Therefore, we advise, before launching your idea, to define a business model.  Set up a coherent plan and gather basic information for the company’s health. And, as you progress with your plan, monitor the results to see if everything is going well or if adjustments need to be made. This is why we continue to inform our clients that business plans are not to be archived.

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Myths and truths about what entrepreneurship is

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