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Entrepreneurship: how to undertake

Entrepreneurship: how to undertake

Entrepreneurship: how to undertake – You are now free to link up with our previous article on Entrepreneurship: Advantages and how to become one, which is the starting part of this article.  So, do you want to be an entrepreneur with a good standing? Or do you have a business to nurture?  This article then is for you. A leading question here is, what do you need to know before you undertake? Now, let’s get into some essential undertakers questions. Read on!

Happy entrepreneurial entrepreneurship:

This is what we want to achieve in this article. So to begin with, you need to answer some questions before you undertake. Note that it’s possible to undertake by offering a service, developing a product, providing consultancy, aggregating people and companies (collaborative economy) or making investments. Whichever way you choose, try to answer the following questions before you start the venture:

  • What is your entrepreneur profile? Following the types we talked about in our previous article, how would you define yourself?
  • What is your purpose? What motivates you to undertake, besides money?
  • And, what is the value offered? What exactly are you going to offer your future customers?
  • How will you produce that value? What resources (raw materials, capital, people and partners) will be mobilized?
  • Who are the future customers? What do they look for, what is their age, gender, social class, etc.?

Entrepreneurship: how to undertake:

Please, get more solutions here;

  • What is the differential of your product or service? What are you going to offer that the competition doesn’t have?
  • An, what will be your dedication? Will you quit your job to open the business or develop it gradually, in your spare time?
  • What structure is needed? Can work be done at home or do you need an office or point of sale?
  • Where to settle? If it is necessary to search for a commercial point, what is the ideal location for it?
  • What is the bureaucracy that involves the business? What are the legal formalities that need to be fulfilled for the opening and operation of the company? Is it feasible to fulfill them?

Helpful? Entrepreneurship: how to undertake

Of course, some answers can change with the pace of things, but it is important to have them very clear in your head before opening the business. Were the questions helpful? Which one is not relevant to you?

Where do you need more clarifications? Contact us then!

Companies and Society:

Entrepreneurship: how to undertake – What is the importance of entrepreneurship in professional life, for companies and for society?

If you go back to the beginning of the text you will see that, in our definition of entrepreneurship, we speak of profit, but also of “creating value, generating a positive impact”.

Disseminating the entrepreneurial mindset based on this second idea is an action that will only benefit society. After all, that way, we will have more people willing to create solutions to problems of our day to day.

And entrepreneurship can be stimulated even within companies, by managers when communicating with their employees. It is called intra-entrepreneurship. So, instead of fearing that an employee leaves the company and becomes a competitor, see it as an efficient way to promote innovation and improve employee satisfaction.

In this way, intra-entrepreneurship is beneficial for both sides, as it favors new projects within the company and the growth of workers.

Start looking for opportunities.

Ask this type of question: …………..

  • Is there any demand in my neighborhood that is not well attended?
  • Is the experience of buying a certain product or service, whether physically or over the internet, positive?
  • And the quality of the product or service? What can improve?
  • In addition to these issues, it is very important to think about what you know and what you like to do.

Maybe you can start your company on the couch in your living room, with your notebook, providing a consulting service, digital marketing, programming, translation …

To formalize the company, there are several tax regime options to fit the your operations. To fall into the categories of small business, there are annual revenue limits.

  1. Our tip is to consult an accountant to guide you, even if, in the end, you choose to become a MEI , the most uncomplicated modality.
  2. Be financially disciplined from the start and try to separate personal accounts from those of the company. If possible, take courses to qualify (go back to the topic “Is it worth taking an entrepreneurship course?” And check out our tips).
  3. Finally, if you have opened a small business and have doubts about the best management practices, seek our help. We will certainly help you.
Entrepreneurship: how to undertake

Summarizing Entrepreneurship: how to undertake

Did you enjoy this write-up? It’s our duty in Cessummit to enlighten and educate entrepreneurs on contemporary business issues. Doing this, we have some entrepreneurship training/development manuals on various agro-products like ginger, garlic, and more. We have in stock various sizes of business plan for any business of your choice. Just name it and it will be made ready for you.

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Entrepreneurship: how to undertake

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