Most Profitable International Students Jobs in Europe to Apply for

Most Profitable International Students Jobs in Europe to Apply for – These are the best we researched out for you. In fact, presented here are the relevant details and links to locate them. What you owe yourself in this post is to read widely clicking the relevant links for more information.
As A matter of fact, these are relevant for part-time and full time students. They are also relevant for those on scholarship. In fact, involved are both on-campuses and off-campuses part-time jobs opportunities.

Student Friendly Countries in Europe:

Which country in Europe has most job opportunities for international students? This is one of the questions that motivate you. Another is, what are the best countries in Europe to live and work as a student? We have some of them here. Just ensure you click our links for all-round information.

  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • France

Most Profitable International Students Jobs in Europe to Apply for

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Vocations with High Demand:

What vocations or professions in Europe in which foreigners are in demand? Find out from here as you read along.

Driver as an Independent Contractor:

This has an average national salary of $1,578 per month. And the primary duties are taking riders from their pick-up location to their destination. As a matter of fact, they partner with ride-share platforms to accept ride requests. In the modern time, they use maps and GPS tools to locate places and collect cash payments where necessary.
Furthermore, a valid driver must have valid driver’s license. An insured vehicle in approved working condition. In fact, a clean driving record will typically be among the conditions for this contract of employment.

Campus Ambassador:

Again, this has a national average salary of $10.94 per hour. In this regard too, the primary duties include; creating awareness about the organization they work for on a college campus. Other duties include creating content for flyers and posters about their company’s products and services to hand out on campus. Then, distributing samples, organizing campus events and other marketing activities on behalf of their organizations. You may also be required to manage the product’s website and social media communities.


On this, there is a national average salary of $11.59 per hour. If you get into this you could work in a coffee shop, taking requests, making drinks, receiving payment and handing out completed orders.
In addition, other duties include welcoming new customers, informing them of specials, promotions and discounts. Again are cleaning the dining area, restocking supplies and updating the indoor or outdoor signage to attract new customers.


Furthermore, this is another part-time job for students and it has a national average salary of $11.74 per hour. Your primary duty is to work in a bar or restaurant, serving drinks to customers. Therefore, your primary duties include interacting with patrons, taking their orders and preparing and serving the orders.
In addition, bartenders may also serve food, restock bar supplies and make cocktails. Since bars serve alcoholic drinks, bartenders are responsible for checking IDs to verify that patrons are of legal drinking age. That will help to be able to determine levels of intoxication.

Teaching assistant:

Teaching is a natural thing. You will either from your academic point of view or skill point of view. Again, its national average salary is $11.85 per hour.

As a matter of fact, as a teaching assistant you will help professors with giving lessons in a class, preparing lesson notes and setting up classroom equipment.
In addition, other primary duties include assisting with taking attendance, keeping class records, calculating grades, supervising students during tests and enforcing rules. You are likely going to be preferred if you are studying in a related department.

Resident advisor:

This is a big job, and has a high national average salary of $13.24 per hour. You know why? Your duties are enormous. As a resident advisor you oversee the activities in a dormitory and ensure that all its residents are safe. Therefore, your responsibilities include making sure that residents abide by the rules and regulations of the building. You will also be responsible for providing updates of new housing policies and acting as a liaison between residents and housing officials.
And, in fact, resident advisors also welcome new residents, check them in and provide advice where necessary.

Library assistant

In addition are the library assistants with a national average salary of $13.24 per hour. Then, as a library assistant, you will be helping a librarian in managing a library. So, you must be responsible for cataloging, sorting and shelving books according to category. Helping readers to locate books, checking books in and out of the library are other duties. Then, you will be registering new readers and responding to requests and inquiries.


This is a common banking job with a national average salary of $13.47 per hour. The primary duties include handling cash and check transactions. These are for withdrawals, deposits, transfers, money orders and more. In this regard you will be collecting cash from customers, filing paperwork, resolving any customer issues and verifying information provided at the counter.
Do you like this?


This is another good one with a national average salary of $13.73 per hour.
If you go for this job, your primary duties is listening to recorded files and writes them down. And since you are also know as transcriber, you may work for doctors, journalists and other professionals who need audio material transformed into text format.
Furthermore, your other duties include typing up documents and maintaining records. In fact, remote transcriptionist jobs are available online.

Dog walker:

If you are young and energetic, this is a good one with a national average salary of $15.23 per hour.

Do you know that a dog walker picks up dogs from their owners’ homes and takes them out for exercise and socialization as a primary duty? In addition, you will be for strict schedules, keeping the dogs safe, feeding and providing water to the dogs and cleaning them up.


This is another good one. A blogger creates and posts content on blogs. If you chose to be one, you will be responsible for carrying out research on the topics to write. This is accompanied by editing and proofreading the articles and uploading the content to the blog. Afterwards, you also moderate comments, respond to comments and perform search engine optimization for the site.

Administrative assistant:

With this you can earn $15.48 per hour. Your primary duties will include managing general office tasks. These are such as booking meetings and appointments, setting up meeting rooms, filing documents, making business travel arrangements and answering phones.
You will also be responsible for carrying out research, taking notes during meetings and transcribing minutes.

Virtual assistant:

A virtual assistant works remotely. He is responsible for taking phone calls and messages and responding to emails. Then, he sets up meetings, making travel arrangements and managing social media accounts. Your duties will also involve managing schedules and issuing invoices and receipts. In fact it’s a good one with a national average salary of $15.85 per hour.


Ladies are good at this. It has a national average wage of $16.13 per hour.
As a babysitter you will look after babies, toddlers or young children while their parents are away. In this regard, your primary duties include bathing and dressing the kids. Preparing meals and feeding them, helping out with homework where necessary and keeping the children occupied and safe. Do you also know that babysitters are responsible for keeping the play area and dining area clean and possibly putting the children to bed during the evening?

Most Profitable International Students Jobs in Europe to Apply for

Research assistant:

This job must be in research institutions. That’s why the work must be in a university, lab or any other institution where research projects are conducted.
As a matter of fact, the responsibilities include conducting research and preparing a summary of the findings. They also prepare progress reports, interview questions and summarizing research results. In some cases he also prepares research budgets.
At any rate, students studying in related science courses are preferred. It’s one of the highest paid with a national average salary of $16.40 per hour.

Delivery service driver:

This worker picks up and delivers packages to customers. This could be anything including food or retail orders. He is also responsible for reviewing orders before and after delivery and accepting payments. So, he must provide good customer service, handling complaints and maintaining documentation related to the delivery. He handles the receipts and delivery notes. In fact, as a driver, he is required to present a clean driving record at employment. He is well paid at $16.81 per hour.

Brand ambassador:

I think this is the highest paid with a national average salary of $17.23 per hour.
A brand ambassador promotes a brand to increase awareness. That is how to increase turnover. Here the primary duties include creating marketing campaigns and strategies, educating retailers and customers about the brand’s products. He also attends product launches and other publicity events and collecting customer feedback. As a brand ambassadors, he also takes the responsibility of creating content for social media and brand websites.


This person keeps the preliminary accounting records. He is also highly paid at a national average salary of $17.76 per hour.
A bookkeeper is in charge of the basic accounting practices at an establishment. These involve maintaining the records of inward and outward financial transactions. He also reconciles ledger entries and prepares financial reports.

Social media community manager:

For this job you are paid a national average salary of $17.80 per hour.

This job requires managing an organization’s social media platforms. Therefore, the primary duties include creating content for social media posts including captions, images and posters. In addition is engaging with fans and followers by responding to requests and comments. Also tracking engagement metrics and implementing communication strategies

Most Profitable International Students Jobs in Europe to Apply for

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