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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming free Business Plan Template

Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming free Business Plan Template

Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming free Business Plan Template – Poultry farming is the reigning business globally now. This is why cessummit.com the outreach arm of Complete Entrepreneurship Empowerment Summit makes this post to reach all. It’s a free business plan for all. So, get this Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming Free Business Plan Template.

This business plan is available both in Microsoft Word and PDF. It’s a free sample business plan for poultry farming in Africa – Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Botswana etc. Again, it’s an illustrative business plan for both small and large-scale poultry businesses. In fact, it’s also suitable for executive summaries for loan applications and for business proposals for poultry farming.

Affiliated Adaptable Businesses.

That’s to say that you can acclimatize this business plan for;

  • Crawler husbandry business plan
  • Piggery business plan
  • Monoculture business plan
  • Dairy husbandry business plan

As a matter of fact, what you need to complete this business plan and proffers is the fiscal analysis which you can get from us.

Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming Free Business Plan Template
The Executive Summary:

Flesh husbandry is one of the most profitable businesses in the world moment. And Nigeria is no exception especially when the business is duly set up and managed. Flesh husbandry in Nigeria presents an occasion for investors and entrepreneurs to make plutocrats within the shortest period of time because cravens develop veritably snappily.

Likewise, food is on the top list of the mortal introductory requirements and is can not be done without in the substance of mortal life. In Nigeria alone where we’ve over 185 million people, you’ll presumably find over 70 million people who’ll buy flesh products on a diurnal base.

Our Research on Poultry Farming in Nigeria:

After conducting a feasibility study on some metropolises in Nigeria, we found that only many flesh granges operate in the utmost of them. And that’s why flesh products are imported from other metropolises like Enugu, Akwa Ibom, and another corridor of Nigeria. In these cases, the cost of transportation and failure of flesh products, make growers find it delicate to meet the consumer’s need. Get more information from our Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming free Business Plan Template

Thus we’ve prepared this business plan, feasibility study with fiscal estimation to cover the business from threat or trouble. From our estimations, a capital investment of N16, will be demanded in means, expenditure, and other charges to set up and run the business.

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Our Product and Services:

This business is intended to produce flesh products; funk eggs, meat, and other secondary products which include hatchery/ Incubation of catcalls, organic diseases for growers, and trade of youthful sprats, etc.

Our catcalls comprise cookers and cockerels which fall into the “ white meat” order because of its low fat content. This healthy white meat has a growing acceptance in the world and Nigeria as a result of croaker’s tradition.

Why re our products preferred?

Though they are flesh products in and around us, our products re preferred because our ranch will offer excellent volition to consumers because

  • Our products will be produced and reused in the most aseptic terrain with 0 tendencies to impurity conditions. Because we will cover all aspects of public health and hygiene.
  • Our product will be nonstop and regular in other to ground the gap in the request.
  • Despite the cost of our product, we intend to maintain a competitive price that will be favorable to both retailers and direct consumers.


The main openings offered by this flesh husbandry business are the profitable openings that are current in the area. These include;

  • The demand for flesh products In civic metropolises and the girding communities, there’s a high demand for funk meat and eggs so much that the being flesh entrepreneurs are unfit to meet their requirements on a diurnal base.
  • Land vacuity – The cost of land in the suburban area is relatively favorable and less precious when compared with other countries.
  • Climate – The climate condition in numerous countries is known for moderate rainfall in the rainy season and relatively cold during the harmattan. In fact, this makes the rainfall favorable for flesh husbandry. Read more from Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming Free Business Plan Template
  • Rapid growth of population – On average, over 1 million people live in any megacity in Nigeria. In fact, where the state capital and girding metropolises are the target request, the population is advanced.
  • Veritably – little presence of flesh husbandry entrepreneurs This is true. Up till now, there are yet not enough flesh granges in the utmost of our metropolises. This means that the maturity of flesh products consumed by guests re brought in from other nearby countries. And always the increase in the price of the product because of the increase in the cost of transportation.
  • Health Impact – The increased mindfulness of the negative health recrimination of real meat has redounded in the high demand of white meat. And catcalls ( flesh) is a good source of white meat.

Plan Overview on Poultry Farming free Business Plan Template

We’ve designed our enterprise to meet the flesh product requirements of the country in the long term. Still, we intend to do this in stages. These stages are as follows

Within 1 – 3 Times of Operation.

  • Focus – Our host community
  • Within one to three times of operation, – we will concentrate and cover on meeting the flesh requirements of our immediate host community and its girding businesses.

Within 4 – 5 Times of Operation.

  • Focus – City Centre.

Within four to five times of operation – our coming thing will be to be suitable to distribute our flesh products to all communities and original governments within.

Within 6 – 10 Times of Operation.

Focus Nigeria.

We plan to extend our distribution channels to all corridor of Nigeria within 6 – 10 times of establishment.

Poultry Product (s) to be produced – First Segment Products

The business will produce the following flesh products at the first position

  • Eggs
  • Chicken meat ( cookers)
  • Parentage incubated funk.

After 20 months of being in businesses, our flesh ranch will expand its operations to cover

  • Processing, packaging and marketing of eggs and meat.
  • Product of flesh feed.
Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming free Business Plan Template

Objects, Target and Goals

.The objects, targets, and pretensions of Summit Poultry ranches are

  • To give healthy flesh products to her consumers.
  • The reduction of expenditure of guests by maintaining favorable competitive prices.
  • To induce income and tone- reliance for profitable independence.

Vision of the Business

Cessummit Farm plans to be a ménage name in flesh products in Nigeria within the coming 5 – 10 times. Starting from our host community in Offa and also to all corridors of Nigeria.

Mission Statement and Purpose

To establish a flesh ranch that can break the problem of failure in the product of flesh products, meet the need of the society and to produce employment openings that will bring about sustainable development in Nigeria.

Our original means are to cover the following;

  • Land
  • Fencing
  • Vehicle (s)
  • Structures (To house the flesh, store and services)
  • . Outfit and Appliances
  • Affluents & Alkies
  • Lighting system
  • Coops & pounds
  • Egg servers
  • Crates
  • Brooders
  • Pails & Brooms
  • Wheel barrows
  • Hatching boxes or Incubators

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Summing Up on Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Poultry Farming free Business Plan Template

Cessummit introduces the “Summit Farm Poultry Farming Business Plan Template” for Nigeria, reflecting the current prominence of poultry farming in the country. This invaluable template is offered at a minimal cost. Whether you require a business plan for a small-scale or large-scale poultry farm, we’ve got you covered. You can even opt for just the executive summary or a specific section of the business plan to assist with your loan application. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive financial analysis to bolster your business plan development.

For inquiries and assistance with your business challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact Cessummit at +234 9053130518 or send an email to cessummit0518@gmail.com. We encourage you to bookmark this page for future updates and kindly help us spread the word to reach your friends. Thank you for your support.

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