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Market & Marketing Research for Start-ups

Principles of Market & Marketing Research for Start-ups are given in this post. In fact, they are essential for every start-up business. Complete Entrepreneurship Summit (CESSUMMIT) equips you on this. Therefore, our entrepreneurship empowerment programmes anchored on business training and seminars is designed for this.

Marketing Framework:

Furthermore, this article gives the highlight of Market & Marketing Research for your business. In fact, this is good for start-ups and existing business. It’s a marketing framework for start-ups. In fact, if your business is nose-diving, this article is for you. This article goes for professional business plan writers and start-up marketing consultants. It’s an innovative marketability trending format.

Market Survey:

As a matter of fact, market survey is different from marketing research. Market surveys can be conducted in many ways. These include telephone surveys, online survey on a website and social media polls. You can also go the physical way. That’s, asking questions face-to-face with customers. In addition, you can use SMS text messages. Again, simply filling in a survey card in a restaurant or when leaving a shop.

In fact, the purpose of market research is to know about the market. The only aim is to gather information on customers and potential customers. So, the collected data aids business decision making.

For Start-ups:

Market & Marketing Research for Start-ups shows you how to do market research before starting a business. Therefore, it shows you how to do market research for a business plan. In fact, these market research tips teaches you how to do market research online. It also present you with start-up market research template.

Marketing Principles @Market & Marketing Research for Start-ups :

Here are various marketing principles you need to grow your business.

If you wish to start well and grow your business carry out these common types of market research.

Market Segmentation.

This survey equips you to gather information on customer needs, values, attitudes, behaviours and demographics.

Product Testing.

This is also called consumer testing or comparative testing. This is aimed at measuring the properties or performance of products

Advertising Testing.

Furthermore, this advertising research also referred to as ad testing. It aims at determining an ad’s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback, and behaviour.

Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis:

In fact, this research finds out how much customers re satisfied with the products or services. It’s also interested on customer preference of the product or services in comparison to alternatives. Customer Satisfaction, therefore, is a measurement of customer attitudes regarding products, services, and brands.

On the other hand, Customer Loyalty consists of loyalty behavioural patterns. This is also referred to as customer retention. This is the act of customers making repeat purchases of current brands, rather than choosing competitor brands.

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Market & Marketing Research for Start-ups

 Brand Awareness For Market & Marketing Research for Start-ups :

This is a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name.

 When you are considering consumer behaviour, advertising management, brand management and strategy development, brand awareness comes to play.

 Pricing Research:

This is very essential when determining the optimal price for new products. It’s a research technique geared towards measuring impact of changes in prices to demand of any product. 

Research Findings:

Furthermore, this is how to share market Research Findings in Research Presentations.

  •   Articulate the research problem and objectives.
  • Develop the overall research plan.
  • Gather the data.
  • Then, analyse the data
  • Present/disseminate findings.
  •    Make the decision using the findings.

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Marketing Statistics;

This must include the following:

  • Projected production volumes,
  • Unit prices,
  • Sales objectives,
  • Market share of proposed venture
  • Potential users of products,
  • And, Distribution channels.
  • Sources of supply for products.
  • Furthermore, is Present competition
  • Future competition – this will show possibility that market may be satisfied by substitute products.
  • Tariff protection or import restrictions affecting products.
  • Critical factors that determine market potential.

Service Offering @ Market & Marketing Research for Start-ups:

Finally, there are two ways we handle this. CESSUMMIT holds training and seminars from time to time. This is where we empower upcoming entrepreneurs. Through this we mentor you on how to go about your business.

Alternatively, we do the research for you as a professional assignment. So, whichever one you re interested in, contact us through 09053130518, 08121687036 or cessummit0518@gmail.com.

Please, help us share this to reach your friends. Thank you.

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