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Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians

Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians gives you details of current price of ginger in Nigeria. Included also are details on how to contact foreign buyers of Nigerian ginger.  Generally, there is information on sources of ginger in Nigeria detailing locations. More so, are ginger buyers in Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna and other big cities in Nigeria. This is a Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians.

Furthermore, ginger export business is a lucrative but technical one. Therefore, it requires a well-articulated business plan to venture into it. In fact, ginger export can be done either on full-time business or part time basis using other collaborators like consultants.

Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians:

Complete Ginger Export Ltd is a start-up ginger export enterprise that is involved in sourcing of quality ginger for export. These are wet and dried ginger for export.

We are located in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.  Our services also include ginger processing and packaging services. In fact, we take every efficient approach to make our products meet industry and international standards.

 As a matter of fact, Complete Ginger Export Ltd has the following objectives –

  • To procure good quality ginger for export
  • Prepare and make ready ginger for export
  • To pursue sales growth targets of N80,000,000 per
  • To aggressively work to gain reasonable market share within our 3 years of operation.
  • And, to increase the number clientele locations within a reasonable time.
  • To ensure we achieve net profit yearly.
  •  Work to increase turnover by 20% in year two,
  • To maintain a competitive international prise. 

Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians – Our Goal:

 For Complete Ginger Export Ltd, our goal is to be a leading ginger exporter in Nigeria in the nearest future.

Our Vision & Mission Statement:

 Furthermore, our vision is to provide a one-stop location for accessing high quality ginger both locally and internationally at competitive prices. 

While our mission is  to exceed the customers’ expectations by providing high quality  ginger while providing exceptional customer care services in a caring and loving way.

Our products and services include –

  • High quality ginger – wet and dry types
  • Packaging services
  • Supper Customer Care Services
  • Consultancy Services

In conclusion, this project is lucrative considering the export variables generated in this business plan feasibility analysis. In fact, it reveals a breakeven point at 50 tons export. So that, at higher export figures this business will actually generate wealth for its proprietors and create more jobs for our teaming unemployed graduates.

Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians – Ownership Profile:

Considering ownership profile, Complete Ginger Export Ltd is legally incorporated in Nigeria in October 2019 by Mr. John Ode as the principal directors, while other directors are Mrs. Mercy Ode who also double as the company secretary and Mr. John John Ode as the third director.

Management Team:

The Management Team is therefore made up of the 3 directors and 2 other experienced start to be hired.

Mr. John Ode is a retired senior staff of Nigerian Ports Authority with vast experience in shipping business. He is the executive director.

Mrs. Mercy Ode is equally a retired banker who has not less than 30 year of industrial experience. She is going to be the director Admin and Accounts.

Mr. John John Ode is a young graduate of economics who must grow on the business.

In fact, the other 2 staff to be employed are going to hold the technical and logistic aspects of the business. Our plan is that they will also possess relevant academic qualification and not less than 5 year industrial experience. Their working conditions will be very attractive to enable them work out their heart for the prosperity of Complete Ginger Export Ltd.

Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians

What we bring into the industry:

As a start-up, we know that we need to work hard to garner some clientele base. Therefore, in doing this we will ensure we bring into the business certain qualities that will make us attract and retain our clients. So, we shall showcase –

  • Impact of our educational skill and practical experiences,
  • Show capacity to consistently provide excellent and high quality services,
  • Maintain a valuable processing skills to make ready out products for export.
  • Quality processed product,
  • Good relationships with vendors
  • Our personnel will bring operational  marketing and promotional skills,

Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians – THE INDUSTRY

Nigeria is the largest producer of ginger in Africa. In fact, Nigeria is the 4th largest producer in the world. Ginger is farmed commercially in Gombe, Bauchi, Benue, Nassarawa, and Kaduna. Kaduna is the highest producer of the crop in Nigeria.

Worldwide, the consumption of ginger is increasing.  Significant growth is still expected globally especially in European market by 2022.



Call for Complete Package of Ginger Export Business Plan for Nigerians:

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