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Business opportunities in the poultry industry

Business opportunities in the poultry industry

Business opportunities in the poultry industry – There are several attractive business opportunities in the poultry farming sector for entrepreneurs. However, a person needs to be an opportunity seeker by carefully examining the requirements of the consumers and the complete poultry value system.

Also, there are new ideas in poultry farming, generating more money than the usual poultry rearing. However, the opportunities in poultry farming in Nigeria and the world are growing because of the high demand for poultry products. This post analysis the many opportunities in the Poultry farming industry. So, read more from write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.

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write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry

In the poultry industry, there are several business opportunities. Casual poultry farming may be expensive, especially when the birds are allowed to fend for themselves and reproduce indiscriminately. The more reasons a business mind must be vast as all poultry products are new business ideas.

Here are some business opportunities in poultry farming:

Eggs for home consumption

Farmers rarely consider the cost and value of the eggs consumed at home. Most of them keep a few hens to avoid purchasing eggs or meat. The hens more or less care for themselves by utilizing farm waste where the yield in the form of eggs and chicks offsets losses incurred on feeds. So, read more from write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.

Home consumption of eggs and poultry should be put on a business basis. Every amount of food fed to the flock should be charged against the flock, and every egg used by the family should be credited to the hens at current market prices so that the full value may be known. This way the farmer determines whether poultry kept for home needs is profitable or not.

write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry

Eggs for the market

There is a huge demand for eggs and the market has never been fully supplied. On this account egg production offers exceptional opportunities to make money. Compared to other opportunities in the chicken business, egg production, and sale can be more profitable because of the lower cost of production.
The first four to six months are the most costly because pullets have to be raised to the point of lay before realizing any returns. Bring back to laying hens that have molted and produced well over for another year.

Day Old Chicks

The business of raising day-old chicks is becoming attractive as more farmers engage in poultry farming. However, this specialized area requires the businessman to be proficient in artificial hatching and have quality chicks when customers are in need. The alternative to hatching which most businesses prefer is opting to import and distribute the day-old chicks. But developing a local business can equally pay well if good strains of poultry are bred. This might easily be the foundation of a special trade for day-old chicks within the locality.

write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry


No one should go into the broiler business unprepared. Broilers are profitable when sold early enough before they have eaten all the profits. A guaranteed market is imperative to supply broilers with cost-effective prices. It has been estimated that more than 90% of the failures in the broiler business come from poor planning and marketing. It is more economical to sell the broilers as soon as they are of marketable size, usually earlier than 8 weeks of age. A good business opportunity to read more from write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.


Roasters are fairly mature birds large enough to supply a family dinner. Such birds are sold when four or five months old. The birds are marketed when they have reached the heaviest weights and before their flesh hardens. These birds are most profitably raised by being allowed free range where they grow from the time they leave the brooder or the mother hen to the time they are sold. Frequently they are fattened for two weeks or so before going to the market. So, read more from write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.


Farmers who cannot handle large numbers of early chicks can dispose of surplus cockerels as capons or ordinary roasters. Cockerels can be caponized, fattened to add weight and sold at much higher prices. Capons do not quarrel therefore can be kept in large flocks.

write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry


The production of layers is another specialized area of the poultry business. Egg farmers are glad to pay higher prices for pullets raised to the point of lay avoiding risks of death and other uncertainties incidental to raising chicks. Profits are maximized when losses arising out of chick mortality are kept low. This business does well where commercial egg producers go directly into egg production without the hustle of raising chicks. A good one to read more about write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.


The huge demand for turkeys and the best prices come around December during the Christmas holidays. Turkey production does not interfere with other poultry because turkeys get along well with the chickens and because they cover a wider field in their foraging. They do best where there is unrestricted range. Hatching can be done so that the poults grow to a salable size in time to reach the markets.


Duck farming is a business for the specialist and unless carried out carefully it is not likely to be profitable. The business demands skilled labor in feeding and dressing. Although ducks are in small demand, there is a small market for breeding stock and a few duck farmers are making money in this niche.

If there is a good local market for ducks it may be worthwhile to take up this branch of poultry farming experimentally on a small scale and develop it as you gain experience. The demand for ducks is steadily increasing in the local markets and you may find it profitable to expand.

write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry


Geese require extensive space to become profitable. They cannot be economically raised in confinement. Where farms have swamps or large water pools, such lands can be made profitable by means of geese. The birds practically feed themselves on pasture. All the breeding flock needs is a dry place to sleep and moderate feeding. The markets for geese are more or less the same as that for ducks.

Ostrich – write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.

Ostrich farming is fast gaining popularity with current demand for ostrich breeding stock far surpassing supply resulting in very high prices for all ages of birds. Demand for products such as skin or hide plumage, and meat are also increasing. A profitable business depends on demonstrated practices in management and husbandry; breeding, brooding, and rearing; nutrition, health maintenance, and, above all, hatchery management and incubation. An extensive production system and maximum utilization of quality forage is necessary to make production economically feasible.

Guineas Fowl

The guinea bird has a game flavor and can be sold as various kinds of flesh in restaurants as a substitute for a range of games as well as being sold under its own name. This fact has encouraged the growth of guinea birds to supply the demand. Like the turkey, the guinea bird thrives best where there is ample free range, and unless one is sure of the market, you better not engage in guinea bird farming. Guineas are more exacting in their demands than turkeys, but where one has the space and is sure of a good market it may be well to make a venture in this direction. Read more from write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.


Many people have been induced to go into the production of pigeon squabs. This is a niche market and while there are successes in this line of poultry production, the demand is low and the price is about fixed, so that it is not advisable to go into this business without knowing the market. The business is a specialist’s line, and not adapted for ordinary farm conditions.

write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry

Frozen Chicken Meat Processing

The demand for frozen chicken meat is increasing rapidly. The product is very popular in retail outlets. Some of the very popular frozen and chilled forms are whole chicken (with or without giblets), boneless breast, boneless legs, drumstick with skin, drumstick skinless, a whole leg with skin, whole leg skinless, wings, and lollipop.

Organic Manure Production

A very good quality organic manure production is possible from chicken wastes. An organic chicken manure fertilizer production technology process includes the selection of raw material (chicken manure etc), drying and sterilization, burden mixing, granulation, cooling, screening, measuring and cutting, and product storage. That is how to write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.

Poultry Feed Manufacturing

Good quality poultry feed is always in high demand. The success of livestock farming is largely dependent on the continuous supply of good quality nutritious feeds at the competitive price. The business is very profitable according to the gross profit generation.

Get good business plans on poultry businesses Here, then read more from write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry.

write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry

write extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry

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In solution to these questions; the profitability of a poultry business can vary depending on several factors, including location, market demand, scale of operations, and management practices. However, some poultry businesses tend to be more profitable than others. Here are a few examples:

Broiler Chicken Farming: Business Opportunities in the poultry industry

Raising chickens for meat production, particularly broiler chickens, is a highly profitable sector of the poultry industry. The demand for chicken meat is generally high, and with efficient production systems and good market access, broiler farming can be financially rewarding.

Egg Production: Business opportunities in the poultry industry

Commercial egg production, whether through layer chicken farming or cage-free systems, can also be a profitable venture. Eggs are a staple food item and have a consistent demand throughout the year.

To be successful in the poultry business, consider the following tips:

Thorough Planning:

Create a detailed business plan that includes market research, financial projections, and operational strategies. This will help you identify potential challenges and develop effective solutions.

Quality Stock and Equipment:

Invest in high-quality poultry breeds or hybrids, as well as a modern and efficient equipment for housing, feeding, and waste management. Healthy and well-managed birds tend to be more productive and profitable.

Adequate Biosecurity Measures:

Implement strict biosecurity protocols to prevent the spread of diseases and minimize losses. This includes practices like proper vaccination, isolation of new birds, and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

Effective Marketing:

Develop a marketing strategy to promote your poultry products and establish relationships with potential buyers, such as local retailers, restaurants, or wholesalers. Building a strong brand image can help you differentiate yourself in the market and attract customers.

When writing a business idea for poultry farming, consider the following key elements:

Executive Summary:

Provide a brief overview of your poultry farming business idea, highlighting its unique selling proposition and potential profitability.

Description of Operations:

Explain the type of poultry farming you plan to undertake (e.g., broiler farming, egg production), including details about the production system, breed selection, housing, feeding, and waste management.

Market Analysis:

Conduct thorough market research to identify the demand for poultry products in your target market. Discuss the potential customer base, competitors, and market trends.

Financial Projections:

Present your projected income and expenses, including capital investment, operational costs, and revenue streams. Include a break-even analysis and estimated return on investment (ROI).

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

Describe how you plan to market and sell your poultry products. Outline your distribution channels, pricing strategy, and promotional activities.

Furthermore, regarding the most profitable poultry farming in Nigeria, broiler chicken farming and egg production are generally considered lucrative options. The demand for chicken meat and eggs is high in Nigeria, making these sectors potentially profitable. However, it’s crucial to conduct local market research, consider the availability of resources, and evaluate the competition in your specific area before starting a poultry business.

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Finally, in writing extensively business opportunities in the poultry industry, this article has shown you the different business opportunities in the poultry business. However, We can help you with Business Plans for big businesses like the exportation of Palm oil, the exportation of Ginger, the importation of pharmaceuticals, etc.

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