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Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how – This is how to begin any of the Top Most Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria 2023. They are recommended Ways To Make Money In Nigeria 2023.

Do you desire one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria with low capital 2023? These qualify as hidden business opportunities in Nigeria; lucrative daily income business in Nigeria. Most of them are cheap businesses to start in Nigeria with less than N200k.

How to generate business ideas with Cessummit.

Furthermore, on Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how, do you need Consultation for your business ideas and planning? At cessummit.com our consultancy services cover your business challenges in developing business ideas and planning, business incorporation and other start-up issues. Unlock and leverage the untapped potentials of your business. For these, contact +234 905 313 0518 today!

In Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how are two important issues to discuss in this post. The first are the lucrative businesses ideas while the second are how to start any of them. So, follow us in this post.

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

Lucrative business ideas 2023:

Here are several lucrative business ideas for 2023. With these, Cesummit is empowering entrepreneurs in Nigeria with modern entrepreneurship empowerment strategies that helps in economic growth and development. Visit our website cessummit.com regularly for more information or get in touch for a free consultation. on Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how. Visit our 2022 business ideas

ICT Related businesses:

In this 21st century, nearly every business is done with ICT. As a matter of fact, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the in-thing now. Embedded here are over 100 ICT business ideas for 2033.

  • Computer related businesses: Every computer related business is good for both start-ups and existing businesses in Nigeria.
  • Computer Programmer – This is a job you can do both in the open office or in the comfort of your room.
  • Web Designers – This is a good business for the 21st century youth. This job requires that one calms down to learn.
  • Database Analysts – You can make this large or small in your home.
  • Project Managers – Monitoring and managing ICT projects and assignments is a lucrative business.
  • Social Media Managers – I am aware that many of us are into this already. Yet there is still need for more to join.
  • Social Community Managers – This ICT job is good for you.
  • Security/Networking Analysts – Get trained for this. Security analysts are in hot demand these days.
  • Technology Support – ICT knowledge will aid you render this services to clients.
  • Blogging business – Here you can do anything. So, learn to be SEO setting and Traffic person, Website designer, AdSense approval agent, Keywords research, Content writing, Training on blogging and Facebook ads
  • Start a YouTube Channel – Just those video clips that make money.
  • Be a content marketer – Content marketer and content writer are related. Jus combine them.
  • Combinations of ICT niches – Yes, you can join more than one niche. This is because one aspect leads to the other.
Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

Food Processing business:

Food processing business is good in Nigeria. These are businesses that ranges from micro to large scale manufacturing outfits. Here are a number of business ideas on it for you to embark in 2023.

  • Nuts processing – Edible Nut Processing Company in Lagos Nigeria. We are talking about nuts produced in Nigeria like Groundnut. Groundnuts, also known as peanuts, Nigerian Walnut, Kolanut, Tiger Nuts, Almond Nuts, Cashew Nuts. Nigeria is said to be producing about 260,000 metric tons of cashew nuts annually and yet FG plans to increase production of Cashew nuts by 95%.
  • Biscuits or cookies – For this, think for Biscotti, Jaffa Cakes Shortbread etc. Then, what is biscuits and different types of cookies and biscuits
  • Veggies and fruits canning – Canning is the process to preserve fruits and vegetables for long time. So, it involves placing food in jars and heating them to a temperature that will destroy micro-organisms that spoil the food. A very safe method of preserving food. A lucrative business idea.
  • Fruit juice processing – This is the selection and preparation of raw material, Juice extraction Filtration Pasteurization, Filling and bottling following standard Fruit juice processing flow chart and using essential fruit juice processing equipment and processing technology.

lucrative Business ideas in Nigeria 2023

  • Energy drink manufacturing – How is Red Bull manufactured? The application of Lab-made additives to traditional energy drinks include added sugars, artificial sugars, and massive amounts of B vitamins and taurine. So, you can check out on energy drink manufacturers near you. Check out too for energy drink powder manufacturers, energy drink drop-shipping and suppliers.
  • Ready-to-eat snacks – These are a group of food products that are pre-cleaned, precooked, packaged and ready for consumption without another form of cooking. These can be frozen, shelf-stable with minimal heating, or served hot.
  • Spices powder processing – If you have agricultural goods then get them ready by cleaning, drying, pulverizing, sieving and packing. These can be for spices such as chilli, pepper, turmeric, coriander etc.
  • Ice cream making – Ingredients include Cream, Vanilla, Milk, Salt, Egg and Condensed Milk. Following ice cream making process with the essential ingredients and procedure. The demand for ice cream is huge now.


Furthermore, on Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how, Agric business is so vast in Nigeria in the recent time. So, here are a few of the business ideas in the Agric-business industry of the economy.

  • Rice farming – Milling, packaging, stocking, distribution and retailing business ideas.
  • Cassava farming – Milling, packaging, stocking, distribution and retailing
  • Poultry farming – Processing, distribution ad marketing
  • Snail farming – Very lucrative business idea.
  • Catfish farming – farming, processing, distribution and marketing business ideas.
  • Maize farming – Milling, packaging, stocking, distribution and retailing business ideas
  • Pig farming – farming, processing and marketing
  • Honey bee farming – a very lucrative business idea for you.
Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

There is a customized business plan for each of the business idea. Our services include the incorporation of the business ideas too.

Confectionary businesses:

Furthermore, for good confectionery business ideas, think about confectionery business names and business ideas. Then get confectionery and bakery business plan with information on how to start a confectionery business from home. As a matter of fact, confectionery business ideas involve the production of food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. So, there are a lot to produce here. Check the following;

  • sugar candies – This is a hard confection made by cooling sugar syrup into large crystals. It can be made around a stick or piece of string with different types of sugar. That is why is shows different colors of white granulated sugar, sugar cane, and brown sugar etc.
  • chocolates – There are four types of chocolate: dark, milk, white, and ruby. Chocolate comes from cocoa seeds, or nibs. Processing it by roasting and grounding to produce a paste called chocolate liquor.
  • candied fruits and nuts – This is the process of encrusting or coating and impregnating fruit, nut, etc with sugar to get candied fruits. Or you bake with sugar or syrup until translucent such as candied yams.
  • chewing gum – Chewing gum is a candy. But this is designed to be chewed but not swallowed. It’s actually made by mixing a gum base with sweeteners and flavors.
  • and ice cream – Ice cream is a sweetened frozen food. It’s made to be eaten as a snack or dessert. Commercially, ice cream is made with six ingredients in the processing steps. So, that includes Milk, cream, milk solids, sugars, modifying agents and flavorings. These are blended together in stainless steel vats. Then the mix is homogenized. This is to create a consistent texture and then pasteurized by heating at 82-85°C for 15 seconds. And, then cooled to destroy bacteria.

The cost of establishment can only be ascertained with a bankable business plan from us. This is because the business idea establishment investment depends on the size of the business. Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how is real.

Estate Development related businesses:

Do you want to start estate business? Here are the relevant related estate businesses you can enjoy. This site will support you till you get established. Just bookmark this page.

  • Become a landlord – A landlord or landlady is hotelkeeper, hotelier, bar-keeper or a man who keeps lodgings, a boarding house, or a pub. He/she is the owner of a house, apartment, condominium, land, or real estate which is rented or leased out.
  • Flipping of property – Flipping means buying property for quick resale for profit. It’s also known as wholesale real estate investing. It’s in fact, a real estate investment strategy which enable investors purchase properties not to use but for resell for profit.
Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

lucrative Business ideas in Nigeria 2023

  • Manage property – Now look at the several business ideas coming out of this one particular business idea. Property management involves daily oversight, operation, control and maintenance of property. In this case such property could be for residential, commercial, or industrial real estate.
  • Bird-dogging – Can you be an estate bird dogger? That means become an estate broker or agent who spends a lot of time doggedly trying to locate properties with substantial investment potential. Can you do this?
  • Real estate photography – Do you want to capture stunning real estate photos for clients? This is a business idea for you.
  • Become a real estate agent – In Nigeria a Real estate agents get commission both from the buyer and seller of the property. He is professional who is license to help client to either buy or sell a home or part of the property.
  • Combine real estate business ideas – Finally, is the fact that you can combine any two of the above listed business ideas. So, if you make your office big, you can then do so much.

Every aspect of estate business idea requires a business plan and feasibility analysis to determine how much is required to start one. Cessummit will develop a well-articulated business plan that no investor will doubt it’s lucrativeness for you.

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

Service Delivery Services:

What are the methods and strategy of service delivery in business? Service delivery defines a business framework by which a service provider provides services to a client. It’s a process of providing a service to customers or the internal clients of an organization. Therefore, here are some of the Simple Services businesses you can render to clients. Make one a business niche today.

  • Laundry services – This means you will be washing, drying, starching, or ironing laundry for a fee. You my also be providing other ancillary services like rental of clothing, apparel, or other fabrics.
  • Event management – In this job you will be responsible for planning, promoting and ensuring the smooth running of an event. These events could be anything from a wedding to a virtual conference. Can you do this?
  • Event decoration business – Here you need to generate an event decoration business ideas and an event decoration business plan which cessummit can do for you. This will enable you understand the things needed for event decoration business and how much it costs to start a party, wedding, conferences and other decorating business niches.
  • A music DJ, – You have to be a good DJ with the latest DJ Mixtape and Party Mixtape. That you can do by Downloading 2023 Latest Dancing Mixtape, Afro Beats Mixtape and others.
  • Photographer – This is when you take photographs as a job. As such you will be capable of using a variety of photographic equipment to capture events, people, objects or scenes for records, art or commercial use. Can you do this?

lucrative Business ideas in Nigeria 2023

  • Interior Decoration Service: Here with our business plan you become one of the stop interior decorator and interior designer service provider. One capable of providing cost-effective and reliable home, office etc in the industry. This job must be designed in a multifaceted professional way. It includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design. A number of business niches combined together.
  • Video coverage business – To start with, find out the type and scope of videography services you want your business to provide. Cessummit business plan will include segments for a few examples of this which includes wedding videos, movies and music. That means it provides events photo-shoot and video production editing services for clients.
  • Home teacher for students: Home teacher/ tutors provide instruction to students at homes. If you are one, your job roles include preparing lesson materials, identifying student strengths and weaknesses. He or she will also be helping the student with homework, explaining topics which he don’t understand, and praising effort. Cessummit will structure a good resume for you on this.

Agency Related Businesses:

Furthermore, Cessummit knows that finding the best agency business idea in 2023 may seem overwhelming. That’s why we have these examples for you.

  • Advertising Agency – With cessummit business plan and profile you can star this business this 2023. Being responsible for initiating, managing, and implementing paid marketing communications, you will have big time contracts. We will ensure you diversify into other types of marketing communications, including public relations, sales promotion, interactive media, and direct marketing.
  • Branding Agency – To be in this business you must have passion and specialty in creating and launching brands and rebranding. The role responsibilities include to create, plan, measure, and manage branding strategies for clients. In addition is support in advertising and other forms of promotion.
  • Creative Agency or Design Firm – If you must become a creative or design agent in 2023 you must be capable of offering a variety of services that fall under the umbrella of marketing and advertising. That is to say you will be able to provide any type of creative or design strategy, work, or promotion, that can help get the job done.
  • Digital Agency – Are you a digital person? This job is good for 2023. That means you must be ready to receive for execution outsourced digital marketing jobs from others who would not want to handle such jobs in-house. That means you will be capable of providing your clients with a variety of digital solutions to promote their product or service online so as to enable them hit their marketing goals and business grow targets.
  • Marketing Agency – A marketing agency is a business that serves various clients in areas of marketing. Marketing agency businesses include Email marketing, Content marketing, Search engine marketing, Influencer marketing, Social media marketing etc. Cessummit will help you check out for marketing agency or digital marketing agency Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

lucrative Business ideas in Nigeria 2023

  • Travel Agency – A travel agency handles clients travelling arrangements. These include Travel itinerary, flight booking, hotel reservation and travel insurance. Join Karisas Travel Agency Ltd in 2023 to provide travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of Airlines, ocean liners and airport shuttles services etc.
  • Consultancy business: I have come to understand that every profession has a consultancy business service to offer. So, are you a professional? Then, be ready to offer professional advises to help businesses achieve their goals 2023. You must also be ready to assist clients streamline operations in a particular area of the business, such as sales, IT, finance, marketing, supply chain management, HR, operations, engineering, and security. So much business ideas here.
  • Media Agency – When businesses want to improve revenue they begin to look for media agencies. Because they want expert advise on how and where to advertise, and on how to present a positive picture of themselves to the public. So, they come in to help clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve client’s business goals.
  • Public Relations Agency – Public Relations (PR) are organizations are those dedicated to helping businesses, organizations and individuals communicate unlike advertising agencies dedicated to marketing services. PR companies do these through editorial coverages. Cessummit will help you search for services, importance, roles and responsibilities of PR agency in a well-structured PR business plan.

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how – So much agency business to which you can be part of. Just contact cessummit for business development assistances.

Trading Business:

Trading activities are business ideas. Among the products to trade on are agricultural products, manufactured and semi manufactured products. These are among the most profitable and lucrative business ideas in Nigeria 2023.

  • Plantain chips making – just the production. You can leave the marketing to others. Those will take them to the streets to fancy stores and traffic hawking,
  • Marketing of Confectionaries: A combination of Shawama, cakes, Pizzas, bread is now a big business in some town centres.
  • Selling T-Shirts and other simple wears – Selling T-shirts with art work, words or anything else printed on them makes money for you. Think about other simple wears that promote sports, culture etc.
  • Clothing trading – Clothing or garment trading business is a fashionable business in Nigeria. And here, cessummit lists out clothing business related businesses you can engage in 2023. These include -Alteration Service – an alteration clothing (amendments) service business, Belt Buckles Making, Boutique Store, Crochet Knitting, Designer Blouse Making, Embroidery. Fashion Blog and T-Shirt Business.
  • Jewelry Trading – This is a profitable business with an average gross margin of 42.6% global. You can sell your jewelry from home or shop. You can also create your own website and market directly to consumers or set up a seller profile on online marketplaces.
  • Stock Market Trading – Stock trading involves buying and selling second hand shares. It’s really a kind of aftermarket. This is where people who own shares in a company can sell them to investors who want to buy them. In this market you can be a broker or a speculator or firm agent who wants to sell its shares.
  • Food stuff trading – If you are interested in trading in agricultural products (food stuff) then plan for cereals, pulses, spices, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, and other. This is because the demand for these goods is constantly high in the market.

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

  • Furniture trading – Furniture business is a lucrative business idea. You can make it big or small. Think of a big or small warehouse, immediate delivery of beautiful real wood furniture for every room of the house from Bedroom to Living Room, Kitchen to Outdoor area.
  • Electronic trading – In electronics trading, are you interested in fairly used ones or brand new ones? Many today’s big dealers started small years back. So, you can start this 2023. Reselling electronics is one of the best ways to make money. In fact, many successful business owners have grown by buying electronics in a used state, flipping them, and making lots of revenue.
  • Automobile trading – Again cessummit researched into these business ideas for automobile business in Nigeria. So, can you think of starting Mobile Oil Change Service Business, Mobile Car Wash Business, Automobile Service Station, Tire Store Retail Business, Battery Reconditioning Business, Auto-Body Store, Tow Trucking Service, and Spare Parts Distribution
  • Customized Gifts – This is a good business to start for those talented for this. Oh! Let me say; you can start this business just like a trader making use of those who are talented in it. Does that make meaning to you? In this personalized (customized) gift you make it exclusively for a person by having his/her name or picture engraved or imprinted on a cushion, photo frame, mug, keyring or pen. So, consider all options for personalizing gifts which includes etching and painting. Can you? Cessummit has the business plan template for this business.

Further business ideas:

  • Mining Business – Mining industry is made up of a cluster of business processes that are involved in solid mineral extraction, management, and processing, marketing and exportation. Such economically valuable products as coal, diamond, metallic ores, oil, and so on can be obtained. Cessummit will help get a mining license for you. Other mining business development services are also available. Business incorporation and planning.
  • Export businesses – What can you export from Nigeria to the other countries? Processed and unprocessed Agric-products are there. What about semi-manufactured and manufactured goods from Nigeria? Export business is one way that businesses and countries can rapidly expand their potential market and earnings

Telecom Related businesses:

Coming to telecom related businesses in Nigeria, there are many of them to feast in. Can you consider any of the following?

  • Recharge card and data – Phone and computer has become two major essentials of human life. They all require recharge card and data. So, that is a good business for Nigerians 2023
  • Mobile phone repair – Related to the above is providing support services for the phones and computers. So, get some training so that you can practice this job.
  • Start a telecommunication networks – All types of telecommunication networks like ARPANET, Ethernet, Internet, and Wireless networks. You can also combine them if you have a broader knowledge and resources.
  • Create a digital wallet app – Digital Wallets contain digital versions of your credit and debit cards. These are stored in wallet apps on your mobile device. So, Mobile Wallet stores information about your credit or debit cards in your wallet. Can you produce this app?
  • Start a bulk SMS marketing business – Can you become an owner of an SMS Gateway (Acquisition mode, Rent an SMS Gateway (Cloud mode) or become a white-labelled reseller of an existing platform (Reseller mode). In this business you can make up to 200% profit if you know how to maximize the business.
  • Start a virtual call center business – Setting up a virtual call center is the perfect way to conduct business recently. Today’s virtual call centers are highly profitable and easy to set up.
Telecom business ideas

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023

  • Cable TV Network Providing – Cable television is a system of delivering television programming via radio frequency (RF) signals. This is transmitted through coaxial cables, or in more recent systems, light pulses through fibre-optic cables. A cable service provider owns cable infrastructure and provides cable TV services.
  • Cyber Cafe/Internet Cafe – This is the provision of computers for access to the Internet commercially by the general public. Now think about cyber cafe game, full form and cyber cafe software.
  • Blogging – Do you know that you are reading a blog? And writing this article you are reading is blogging. Like cessummit.com completefmc.com professionalmarks.com etc, business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get ones business more online visibility. That is why a business blog is a marketing channel.

For each of these, Cessummit renders business development services. So, starting from generating good business idea to business incorporation, business planning to contract compliance certificates Cessummit has something to offer you.

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

How to start a business in 2023:

I know you have had so much to read and ponder about above. But yet we have to discuss on how to start these businesses this 2023. These are Cessummit mean towards promoting Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria via our models of Modern Entrepreneurship Empowerment strategies for businesses. Get the following steps to start your business this 2023.

  1. Choose a business idea: Cessummit has generated about 500 business ideas in the paragraphs above. Practically, now is the time to choose one. That is how it all begins even ventures you can run from home.
  1. Research your product and audience: Now you have to research both the product and the market. So, find out if there’s an audience for your business or product idea.
  2. Get a business plan for the business idea – Business Plan is said to be business road map. The plan will help you understand how to manage key aspects of the business. Cessummit will structure a bankable business plan for you.
  3. Make or source products: This is the time to set up your production plan with the business plan production schedules. And if you have to trade on manufactured good, then, this is the time to start stocking and warehousing them.
  4. Develop a brand – Get branded. A strong brand is crucial for building trust with customers.
  5. Build a website – Like Cessummit build a website to introduce and market your business to the world. Cessummit aid clients own their websites.

Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how

  1. Register your business – Cessummit provides essential Legal support business services in Nigeria. By this we provide you all business legal documentations to enable you do your business seamlessly in Nigeria. Visit our website today or Mail us at cessummit0518@gmail.com to get in touch with us!
  2. Manage your money – Get funding. Getting a grip on your finances is essential for streamlining your business operations. This involves everything from opening a business bank account to choosing accounting software. Contact us to help you apply for your SCUML for your banking operations.
  3. Market your business – Marketing is essential to launching a successful business. That is how to get products in front of target audience. Get Organic Marketing Ideas from cessummit.
  4. Grow your business: Now that your business is up and running, you have to consider taking steps to make it grow.

In Summary to how to start your business 2023:

Furthermore on Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023: This is how, consider the following steps as the summary of what we discussed in the las paragraph.

  • Evaluate your potentials – be sure you can do this. So, be sure you have the necessary skills and passion to drive the business,
  • Identify the business idea or combinations of them – choose from above.
  • Get your start-up certificates, permits and licenses including CAC documentations – contact cessummit today
  • Do necessary market research – that is to say, find the audience.
  • Then ask cessummit for your business plan.
  • Get funding.
  • Implement you Business idea with the plan – follow the business plan timeline.
  • Watch the business operate
  • Grow the business

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How to get help on starting a new business from cessummit:

Finally on Starting a lucrative Business in Nigeria 2023, we have generated over 500 business ideas here. So, whether you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, Cessummit has business information to help you take your next steps. Cessummit is a comprehensive one-stop shop for all you need to kick-start your business. So, use this opportunity provided here to make your business work. Call +234 8034347851 or +234 905 313 0518

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