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How to Establish a Dealer furniture store: Get The Business Plan Feasibility Analysis here – Are you a furniture dealer who wants to verify business feasibility? This post aims to show you how and importance of preparing a Business Plan to verify the feasibility of opening or evaluating an existing store specialized in custom/dealer furniture. If you are such one, you have to read through this post. There are a lot for you to learn. This is part of Complete Entrepreneurship summit (cessummit) social responsibility. Equipping entrepreneurs with modern entrepreneurship information, development and growth strategies.

As a matter of fact, it’s necessary for an organization that aims at modernizing and innovating the city’s planned trade and stabilize itself in the business. Now, listen to this; the company’s headquarters are currently located in Nyanya, Abuja. In fact, its location is privileged, as it is located in one of the city’s centers. A busy commercial point with a standard clientele that attracts more customers to the place. The store, in addition to serving customers at the headquarters, also offers home sales by appointment. This is the story of a fellow entrepreneur.

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Do you understand that business plans are also sometimes called strategic plans or investment plans? Other names are expansion plans, operational and annual plans. Then are internal, growth plans, product plans, cost plans and many others. These are commonly grouped into Start-up Plan/Early-Stage Plan and Existing business plans. But one common feature among them is that all must showcase a feasibility analysis.  By experience, I have come across so many people who present a well-worded grammar propositions without financial analysis thinking that they have a business plan. Don’t be one of them.

As we continue, since the company has already carried out the field research and competitor analysis, it was identified that there is competition that grows more and more, but Complete Furniture Dealers  works with models designed based on the client’s profile and the assistance of the client or its architect, in addition to having a differentiated level of excellence to attract the attention of consumers.

How to Establish a Dealer furniture store: Get The Business Plan Feasibility Analysis here

To make this study feasible, the initial investment was N250m (two hundred and fifty million Naira) of equity capital.  This amount was calculated based on information detailed in the investment spreadsheet. According to the projection made, the company will have a turnover of N 1b ( one billion Naira) in the first quarter, and N 4.8b ( four billion eight hundred million Naira) at the end of the projected year.

Now, there is need for expenses details well analyzed to be presented. There is need also to classify the expenses into, direct and indirect costs, fixed and variable expenses. Our business plan template is suitable for any type and scope of business. You may wish to contact us immediately.

Modern Custom Furniture – How to Establish a Dealer furniture store: Get The Business Plan Feasibility Analysis here

The dealer furniture stores are at their best moment at this century, as the construction market is overheated and the apartments and new houses need custom furniture for the kitchen, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Professionals in this area need to be specialized in joinery and have top-notch materials and equipment to make a difference and beat the competition. How to set up a custom furniture store: Before deciding to set up a custom furniture store you should click here.

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Market Study – The incentive for a company to implement a new project comes from the market need for a good or service. Thus, the project must be preceded by research and understanding of the market in question. The basic purpose of the market study is to estimate in what quantity, at what price and who will buy the product to be produced by the production unit under study. Therefore, understanding what the market is and how it works is fundamental for the study.

How to Establish a Dealer furniture store: Get The Business Plan Feasibility Analysis here

Enlarge your business Horizon:.

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It’s evident that you cannot do all of these on your own, especially if you don’t have the professional training. Frankly speaking, this is too much for the common businessman. So, we can help you out in planning your business. In fact, we handle all start-up processes including CAC incorporation exercises.

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