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Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How. These are the 5 Types of Business Consulting and How They Help Your Business. Do you want your business to grow? Then, you need a consultant.  Whether you are an upcoming business or an existing one, find out the type that suits you here. You therefore must have to read through to make a choice. Happy reading!

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

Is your Competitiveness Compromised?

As a matter of fact, the constant changes in the global economic structure mean that, at times, companies feel their competitiveness is compromised. This is very true. In fact, it’s at this time that managers think about how an outside view can help them overcome these challenges. The business consulting service is a factor that can contribute to the optimization of various areas of your business at this time!

Therefore, from financial management to marketing, going through several other sectors of the company, it is possible to make the company evolve a lot with the help of a consultancy. So, contact cessummit.com for such help. See this!

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

Do you want to know how these services can help your business?

In this article we explain the five models on the market! 

The 5 types of business consultancy – see the advantages of each one!

1. Specialized consultancy in specific areas or sectors

2. Strategic consulting

3. Risk management consultancy

4. Financial advice

5. Marketing consultancy

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

Benefits of hiring business consultants:

Now, the 5 types of business consultancy – see the advantages of each one!

Business consultancy services seek to guide and support companies that have to carry out certain activities and need more in-depth and specialized guidance on the subject. This is accomplished through measures that allow to design changes in the environment with efficiency and quality.

In this case, the consultant is responsible for finding solutions that help companies to identify growth opportunities and implement any improvements. For you to understand more about the subject, we have selected some types of business consultancy that will help you achieve your goals and optimize your business processes.

An outside view, of someone who does not suffer internal pressure, can renew processes more easily, bringing important innovations. The same company may have needs in different sectors, so there are different types of business consultancy. Check out the characteristics of each one of them!

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

1. Specialized consultancy in specific areas or sectors

There are certain activities that require specialized consultants to prepare accurate diagnoses. For example, a human resources consultancy will help the company to resolve some questions about dismissal, hiring, working conditions, training and courses, etc.

Another example is a consultancy in the gastronomic sector. Consultants will help with experienced guidance for someone who wants to open a restaurant or leverage the potential of an existing one.

A third example is on account of employee reimbursement management consultancy. An aid that aims to optimize your reimbursement processes, improve your employee reimbursement policy, and make the approval range more fluid. When automated, the refund management system becomes more agile and easy.

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How


Consultancies are highly sought after by those who opened a business that is beginning to be very successful and want to expand it, and are consultants specialized in franchises.

Having a single store or restaurant is one thing. But, managing an entire network, creating franchise manuals, defining training, drafting and managing contracts, and other measures, are quite complex activities. Specialized franchise consultancies are in high demand. Read more about Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

2. Strategic consulting

In strategic consulting, the objectives are related to understanding the company’s strengths and weaknesses. As well as the opportunities and threats, to develop tactical action plans to achieve results and make it a more productive and profitable business. In fact, this involves making an organizational diagnosis finding opportunities for improvement in the company’s processes, and then implementing the strategic planning.

It is necessary to develop strategies that aim at the future of the organization. The difference of this consultancy is to guide the client, offering points of view that guarantee the sustainability of your business in the long term.

3. Risk management consultancy – Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

Again, is a risk management consultant. Consulting in risk management is quite specific. It has the function of pointing out and analyzing the possible risks that the company may face. It identifies threats and acts as a crisis manager, defining prevention and protection measures for each case. This type of business consultancy is a complex process. However, it is indispensable for the healthy management of possible threats to the business. It protects the company’s performance and brings improvements in decision-making, aiming at sustainable growth.

As it is an important activity, it can escape the core business of the business. A risk management consultancy allows the company to focus its attention on meeting the needs of its clients. While the consultancy is dedicated to risk management. In this way, the management team has the role of alerting companies. That is, to the risks associated with poor strategic and operational choices that threaten their goals and objectives.

4. Financial advice – Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

In addition, the corporate financial consultancy has the mission of dealing with a delicate part of a company. These are the management of its resources, revenues and investments.

When a company is unable to consolidate financially, an alternative is to hire a financial consultancy, specialized in the subject. A manager of a technology startup, for example, may be a programming genius. And has a partner who knows everything about marketing, but his team needs someone focused on finance.

Why not hire a business consultancy to align this process?

It will help you to prepare a strategic financial plan, through internal policies and the organization of the sector’s activities. Contact us now!

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

5. Marketing consultancy

Furthermore, the much sought after by companies, a business marketing consultancy focuses on the study of customer behavior. Thus, he is able to discover what his desires and needs are. And devise strategies to attract them, win them over, and retain them.

Often, doing good marketing research can also be part of the consultancy’s duties. In fact, when the commercial area is unsuccessful, the problem is often not with the sales force. But with the concepts of the products and services offered by the company, do not meet market demands.

So, the consultancy will take action to identify what is going wrong. And, then design a marketing plan to try to reverse the situation. In this way, you can return to meeting the expectations of the target audience.

Benefits of hiring business consultants:

Now that you understand what a business consultancy does. See the advantages that any of the different types can bring to your business:

Personalized service:

the consultancy has the obligation to carry out a prior analysis according to the specific needs of each case.  Thus, resulting in the application of individual personalized measures;

knowledge for the client:

consulting services are provided by professionals from experienced companies who share their knowledge with the client. In this way, they can be aware of the reasons why certain measures are applied;

Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

100% commitment:

As the consulting services have a personalized service. The business consultant and the client spend a lot of time working side by side. This relationship of trust is decisive for the good progress of the actions;

Relationship: Consultancy Services – Here are 5 Types and How

The hired consultancy must always be willing to help the client with all the steps of the project. And be accessible for clarification of doubts and specific problems.

Did you like to know more about the types of business consultancies and how they work? Enjoy and share this post on your social networks to help others! For more content that contributes to the development of your company, keep following cessummit.com. Finally, Contact us though; cessummit0518@gmail.com , 09053130518 (office time). Thanks for reading through Consultancy Services: Here are 5 Types and How

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