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Our Business Support Services are start-up and existing business support services. These are both small, medium and large business support services. Here are the list of the support services and their importance to your business. Make contacts today for Cessummit Business Support Programs & Services.

Business Professional Needs:

You are aware that business needs various professional help. These start from the business idea generation to operations of the business. The professional support services include services/occupations that assist people involved in businesses and helps in training/mentorship systems with personal and business needs. So, this means services provided in relation to business or commerce and includes:

Training Programmes

CESSUMMIT uses this medium to train and mentor her various clients who need to stand firm in their businesses and vocations. CESSUMMIT does this in collaboration with some government agencies like SMEDAN, BOI, and NEPC etc. This is to enable our clients have all the support they need for their business. This entrepreneurship summit does not leave any stone unturned. In the end you have a certificate that qualify you to apply for loan from any financial institutions, especially, government sponsored loan programmes.


CESSUMMIT also takes care of your vocational trainings in Website Design, E-Commerce Trading Site Design, Blogging, App Design – Android & IOS, Software Design, and Graphic Designs

Business Plan

CESSUMMIT has decided to place emphasis on this because many businesses fail for lack of planning. Our model of business plan will help you kick-start your business smoothly. And for existing businesses, this business plan will help you articulate your business pathway properly. Because, we get you involved in the preparation of the business plan, you will not only learn how to do it for yourself, you will also know how to interpret every business plan.


This may be a separate assignment or part of your business plan. But whichever way, the feasibility analysis segment is the in-thing. It encompasses all business operation and financial projections. The breakeven analysis lets you have the glimpse of your capacity utilization and its consequences on your business operations. Then comes the performance ratios analysis, investment payback analysis and so on.


C.A.C. Documentations

This is the only way to legalise your business. Be it a sole proprietor or a limited liability company. Therefore, if you don’t have a CAC registration number for your business, you may not be allowed to do certain businesses in Nigeria. So, we train you on how to go about this and in fact, help you register your business. The concept note we write for your business, and which we incorporate in your Memorandum of Association will give you a large scope of business operation.


With your tax clearance certificate, you can do good business in Nigeria. This is what we will help you do. Tax management ensures you are tax compliance the right way. With us on your side here, your tax commitment will be well taken care of.

Accounting & Auditing

This is, every form of financial accounting services you desire. As external auditors, we will do our best for you. And for internal control system, we will be sure you have a controllable internal accounting and management system.

Commercial documents

These are documents you require to do your business. We will educate you on how to go about them. We will also assist you in processing them. Such commercial documents are also called compliance certificates. Your tax clearance and CAC annual returns certificates are part of it. In fact your export registration certificate, and trade mark  certificate is inclusive. Processing of your PENCOM, ITF and NSITF compliance certificates are very necessary for your business to thrive today in Nigeria.


In conclusion, our goal is to support your business in any way we can. Contact us today through cessummit0518@gmail.com or call 09053130518 during working hours only.

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